Saturday, July 11, 2009

PartyLite flyer I got in the email

I get periodic email flyers from PartyLite (a candle company) and this one, I just thought I'd share! Enjoy!!!

WOW! PartyLite now has Online ordering!!!

You can now shop 24/7 from the convenience of your home! There is no need to wait for a party when the candle stash gets low… is where to go.

Or if you’re invited to a girlfriend’s show but you won’t be able to make it… go online, choose unable to attend a show and type her name, then shop to your heart’s content ( even from the sale items) ~~~~~What a hit!!!~~~~~

Can’t wait to try it? I am inviting you to attend my “virtual” show!

I have attached the elimination list of items being discontinued as of July 31st. There are a few scents going away forever… some are old favorites… take a peek. Also attached is the July guest sale.

To attend the virtual show, go to , click “Shop”, then “unable to attend a show”, then enter “Jeanne McGhee” as the hostess name. You will then be able to shop the current catalogs and the sale items.

(At any time you can shop online without it being associated with a show… there are exclusive guest sale offers for online orders not associated with shows. These orders are not eligible for the monthly guest sales offered in conjunction with shows.)

All orders received by July 13th will be entered into an exclusive drawing for a $50 shopping spree!!!

Jeanne McGhee 970-613-0641

To view our current catalog, visit my website and choose "PartyLite Products"!

*We now offer Fundraising and Customized Shopping with Great Savings for Weddings and Special Occasions!*

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