Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This And That...

The sickies have FINALLY cleared out (mostly anyway) of our house. HOORAY! I've also been a TOTAL slacker when it comes to working out and other goals that I have for myself. Oh well.

Yesterday was James's birthday, HAPPY B-DAY BUDDY!!! (you can see him blowing out candles and his cake that he thought was really cool...yes I made it...first attempt at anything but "stars") He is now 4 years old and just is overjoyed with the fact that he's now old enough to go to school just like his big sister! Now, our only problem is convincing him that he has to wait until summer is over! We should have come up with something else to tell him other than "you can't go to school until after you're 4!" He keeps coming up to us and telling us that he's now 4 years old and he can go to school now! We have to keep telling him that after summer is over, THEN he can go....sadly, it's Spring Break this week for our school and he has it in his mind that when Terra goes back to school from THIS break, he'll be able to go too! That's gonna be a fun week. Poor kid's gonna feel jipped!
He also keeps asking how old Terra is and when we tell him that she's 5, he gets SO excited and says, HEY LOOK! 4 AND 5!!!!! (pointing to himself and Terra)

We also took him to the doctor today for his well-child check up. That was interesting. I'm not really impressed with the nurse that helped Chris out (he just took James in while I stayed home with the other 3 kiddos). First she made a big ol' stink about his immunization records and how they weren't "stamped off" on that card and how she could get in BIG trouble for signing them. Chris explained this to me over the phone and I was livid. We weren't given a card for his records at the hospital, so, when we moved out here and started going to the public health nurse, I just brought a copy of the paper from his medical records (which I SHOULD have sent with Chris today but had a total brain-cramp), and they (the public health nurses) copied them onto a card for us. We thought that was fine. Well, after making this HUGE stink about it, she finally signed it. When he got home, I realized that it was the seperate card that was for his pre-school registration...which I can just shred and get a new one, or just COPY the yellow card that I have and send that instead. They accepted that for Terra's registration!! They also took a sample from James to test because of some of his health issues (I'll just keep that part save him from embarassment) and said they'd call us with the results. After doing that, they told Chris that James was in the 75% for height and everything else was average (so he's tall and skinny....just like his daddy). Then they came in and went over the shots he would be getting today. They were like, 'since you're self-pay, these are rather expensive shots, do you still want him to get them?' Chris said yes and they came in and gave him shots. MY understanding in taking all the other kids there, it's standard procedure to give the Public Health Department's shots to self-pay patients so that they can either get them at WAY discounted or free "pricing". They said that they'd bill us later for it and we wouldn't have to take care of it today. I'm LIVID about this, and yes, they WILL be getting a call from me tomorrow (since the dr. didn't call about the analasys results this evening).

We found a camper shell for our trailer that my dad made for us for Christmas (totally random, but we're way excited about it!)!!!
Also, Tyler is getting VERY cultured. I LOVE to listen to Josh Groban while I get ready in the mornings. This morning, he came in and just stared at the CD player with a BIG smile on his face. He also tried to sing along a couple of times. LOL, way too cute!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yet Another Update

Tyler is improving by leaps and bounds....he now just has the cough and if he gets too active, coughs so much he tosses something (usually mucus, still). Celeste is getting worse, starting to get raspy when she breaths deeply and coughs quite a bit. James is still coughing some but is getting a lot better and Terra isn't really sick at all. We still stayed home today from Church because we knew that there'd be some angry glanses if we'd tried to endure the whole block of time there. Oh well, we both had subs for our responsibilities anyway since we were SUPPOSED to be gone this weekend.

Since we stayed home, we decided to be REALLY big roughians and clean the house a bit. We got the kitchen most of the way done and the living room and entryway all the way done and were working on catching up on laundry when we discovered that the clothing coming out of the dryer was still a bit damp. We just kept on truckin' and eventually.....NONE of the clothing was dry.....AT ALL!!! The heating element went out on the dryer so we've been cruisin' the net trying to find another one for free or dirt cheap (since we're saving up for a deposit/1st month's rent on another place to live at the moment). We found up up in Longmont for $40 and Chris will be going out to check on it in another hour. I'm hoping it's something that'll limp us through until we get enough saved up to buy a matching one to my new washer (wishful thinking.....maybe) or just limp us through until the next heating element goes out! *Sigh* And people wonder why I'm so tired all the time! GRRRR!!!!

How's your day shaping up?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Guess We're Having 8!

I took a quiz on Facebook (copied the results below) and found out that I'm supposed to have 8 or more kids, which is funny because each time Chris and I start discussing the number of kids we should have, that's one of the numbers that keeps popping up! LOL ROFL

"Sandi took How many kids should you have? quiz and the result is EIGHT AND UPYou must not like to be alone! Well, if you have 8 or more won't be for many many years. Along with many children comes many laughs and many tears...and broken pieces of furniture and many many diapers! Good Luck with your overflowing home!"

Would anyone care to comment on this "find"?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on Sickies...

Well, after yesterday, I'm thinking that Tyler is over the worst and can only get better from here on out. He got meds twice yesterday, and both times threw up, but kept them down long enough to absorb the majority of them. His fever is gone and he's up running around and asking for food and sippies and eating/drinking them on his own. It is SUCH a relief to see him like this. I was realy worried about him before. But I did have a scare with Celeste yesterday. She got a fever of 102.2, so I was worried that she was going to end up like TyTy, but she never did and the fever is gone today and she hasn't really been spitty either. James isn't getting any worse and Terra doesn't seem phased by any of this (thankfully).

An update on Erin....

She's out of surgery and recovering at home now. They did the endoscopy and didn't find the stones, so just went ahead and scheduled the surgery to get the gallbladder out. When they got it out, they were glad they DID get it was SO much worse than they had expected it to be. We're VERY glad that she's on the mend and wish her all the best (Love you Grandma/Mom).

Another update from the family.....

Back in my post about Celeste being 4 months I mentioned that my sister-in-law was rushed into surgery, but then I never did give an update on that. She's home and doing well, too. THe surgery went great!

We're glad that all this trauma is over and done with and hope that its a LONG time (if EVER) before the next one hits! LOL Now I must catch up on all the house stuff that got pushed aside to care and worry about all that's happened! Great fun for ME!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I LOATHE Sickies :(

We have the sickies at our house....yet again. We've been told that kids can get over it and be in the clear and catch it again immediately....which could be what happened in this case, but I still stand my ground on it being a reaction to a shot that was given and then turned horribly wrong when he got an ear infection. Poor TyTy is NOT feeling well at all. We had to cancel our trip home that I was SOOOO looking forward to, but along those same lines, how much fun would it have been for ANY of us if we'd had sickies in tow. I'll back up to last week and tell you ALL about it.

On Tuesday of last week, you'll recall, Tyler had his well-child check-up and received a shot. We got the information of possible side effects and went home, blissfully happy that this would be just like all the other times....slight fever, ornery for a couple days, and then we're over it. Well, on Thursday night, as we were putting him in bed, he coughed and coughed so much that he threw up, we didn't think anything of it. Vomitting was one of the side effects and he was still getting over his "slight" cold (that he's had for over a month). Friday, he kept vomitting off and on, but could keep fluids down, so again, I didn't worry. Saturday, however, he took a major turn for the worse and I started to get worried. I called the after-hours answering service for our pediatric office and got in an arguement with the receptionist and she said, rather shortly, "I'll transfer your info up to the Children's Hospital and have a nurse call you back." We waited for a couple of hours and finally got a call back and the nurse didn't really help much, didn't ask too many questions, just read what I had told the receptionist and said that he had a cold and would get over it in a couple of weeks. She told us to humidify the house and suction out his nose and that should do the trick. So, we complied, we turned on ALL the humidifiers we own, suctioned out his nose a couple of times, after which, he vomitted, yet again, and then immediately fell asleep. He started to get really lethargic and on Sunday, took a 2 hour nap, then a 4 hour nap, fell asleep for the night at 7:30 and slept till 5:30 when he got up and crawled into bed with us and fell asleep again until 8 am or so Monday morning. Sunday also brought on the dehydration. He wouldn't drink much but when he did, it'd come right back up. I started to almost go into histerics when I was caring for him, really worried and just KNEW that it wasn't "just a cold" that would go away. I told Chris so, and he said that if he didn't improve by Monday, then we would call and go in to the office. He actually ate a banana and kept it down Sunday evening and Chris also gave him a Priesthood Blessing that he would be comforted and that we would be calm enough to care for him. He seemed to relax a bit, but still was a little too sick than I was comfortable with (lol, don't laugh, I KNOW you can't ever be comfy with the sickies). So, he slept peacefully through the night, and we fed him applesauce for breakfast and decided he was well enough to wait it out another day. So, Chris took Terra and left, and as soon as he pulled out of the driveway, Tyler threw up again. So, I didn't even wait for approval or discussion from ANYONE, I just called the office and demanded to talk to the nurse or one of the doctors there. In the back of my mind, I just knew something HAD to be done or this kid was going to be in BIG trouble. Little did I know how right I was.

The nurse called me back and immediately didn't like what she heard, so scheduled us to be there by 11:30. I made arrangements with my neighbor to watch the girls for me and I took both boys in (both of them were barking and hacking up a lung). When the doctor walked in, James was the one coughing, so he goes to check out James and I'm like,, it's this one you want to look at. He looked at me pretty stunned and was like, are they BOTH like this?! I answered yes and he set to work checking TyTy out. His oxygen levels were pretty low and he has a bad ear infection, a sinus infection and all that compounded with his cough/cold is making him nausiated. They wrote out a perscription for us to give him and we left, thinking all would be well again in the land of Nelson. We filled the perscription, and came home. I gave a dose to him soon after getting here and he kept it down for an hour and then......yup, you guessed it! And, to top it off, he was just getting more and more lethargic as the day wore on. I put him in the tub, because his fever had spiked again. He was so out-of-it that he was almost falling over in the tub. So I propped him up on my arm and dumped water over him to cool him down. I got him out of the tub and into some jammies and laid him back down on the couch. He then proceeded to wake up just long enough to throw up mucus, and then close his eyes and be out-cold. He was so weak that he could (or would) barely slurp up anything through a straw or his sippie. We were finally able to get him to wake up to eat something (although that something isn't all that great and probably has little to no nutritional value to it....but I'm grasping at straws here). I'm LOVING Cheetos today! He ate about a quarter cup of them and has kept them down. We also gave him grape gatorade through a syringe (about 6 tablespoons) about a half hour ago. So, I'm really hoping and praying that tomorrow goes better. Chris has a long driving trip ahead of him, but will be home later afternoon to evening, but having to deal with all of that for even a couple of rather wearing and stressful.

Another thing that has happened in our family.....we got a text message this morning stating that Erin (my mother-in-law) was in the hospital awaiting surgery. Her gallbladder is causing some major problems and needs to be removed.....but they have to find the gall-stones first. Somehow they worked their way out of there and into the intestines (from what I understand anyway). They're hoping to have all the procedures and surgeries done by noon tomorrow. We're so FULL of excitement in this family! Bet you can't wait to see what happens next...right?!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I feel like this some days....LOLOL

Forgotten or Failed?

My New Year's Resolutions haven't been.....what's the phrase.....paid much attention? I didn't think that I needed to write them down....I'd just remember them!! HA! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I don't remember things well. So, here's a list of my resolutions and a blurp about how I'm doing on them!

1 - Lose 35 lbs (baby fat plus some).
* I've lost 10 lbs, which isn't bad, but none (and I mean NONE) of my jeans are fitting me still and I STILL have that "baby pooch" up front!

2 - Exercise everyday except Sunday
* I have done terrible at this until just recently. My sister and I decided that we'd get up at 7 am every morning and exercise together (even though we live a few hundred miles away from each other). I did great that first week, the second week, it wasn't at 7 am, but I still got the workout done. Week 3 is where I'm at now and between kids being sick, me being sick and a baby that decided not to sleep through the night a few times, I'm still doing ok (gonna hit the grind-stone hard tomorrow though).

3 - Read the scriptures for personal study everyday (we already do family scriptures, but I've been lacking in the personal department over the years).
* Ummm.....I've been waiting until I have time to myself to read, and anyone that has more than two kids KNOWS that when you wait for that to happen, it never does. I have studied once a week the past 2 weeks, which is an improvement, but could be better.

4 - Start and upkeep a blog and post on both blog AND family website at LEAST once a week, if not more.
*Obviously I've been doing ok in here, but sometimes forget to copy and paste into my family's site, so, when I remember, I post an epistle length post to catch everyone up (sorry guys)!

5 - Get my house clean and maintain it...every night put away toys, shoes, coats, dishes in the dishwasher everynight and unload it in the morning so I can have a clean sink all day (dishes would just go directly into the dishwasher).
* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *Sigh* wishful thinking, I guess

6 - Meditate more so my memory and mind can be more clear.
* I need to do this still. I don't think I've done this ONCE since I thought of it at the beginning of the year!

7 - Create a new budget for the year and put some money in savings as a starter and be debt-free by Christmas.
* Budget has been created, recreated and re-vamped to fit our needs. Our minimum savings is in the bank and we're working on the debt. We probably won't be debt-free by Christmas, BUT we will be by this time next year!

8 - Start doing Once-A-Month-Cooking.
* We did this for the first time this month and let me tell you....IT HAS BEEN FABULOUS!!! I just pop something out of the freezer and throw it in the oven. It's saved my life when Chris has gone on his business trips. However, we haven't cooked it all on one day, but rather 2 Saturdays, we spent cooking most of it and we still have about a week and a half of meals left to cook, but we figured that it was a good start. We also doubled the recipes, so we have extra meals for when we need them!

9 - Eat healthier
* This could be better, but we have improved on this a bit so far.

10 - Get daily routines down for the kids to make bedtime, mornings and just over-all life a little bit easier (I'm all about simplifying).
* So far, no set routines, but the kids are getting used to what is expected of them....they don't always follow those expectations, but which one of us was ever the perfect child growing up, right?!

(I also threw in an extra couple of items, just because)

11 - Become more self-sufficient (sewing our own clothing, garden, raise chickens for the eggs, etc).
* We have the chickens (which haven't started laying yet), we have geese (which HAVE started laying), I have made one complete dress for Terra and am working on a couple other projects to be done before Easter. As for the garden, we aren't doing much with that right at the moment. We're going to be moving again in April/May, so we'll worry about that when we get settled into another place.

12 - Build our food storage back up.
* Our storage got depleted over the last couple of years due to some money issues we were going through. I'm so very glad that we had it available to us to use and I'm forever grateful to our families for helping us out with this area too! We are now in a position that we can start stocking up again! (a sub resolution that goes with this one is to cook more with wheat and learn how to use it more)

So, how's your resolution(s) doing?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boyfriends and Girlfriends....

When I went to pick Terra up from school today, she had been sitting in time-out (for being mean to some of the other kids there), so I was rather upset with her and forgot to even ask how the rest of preschool went for her. So, after dinner, we were eating ice cream and she had a big grin on her face, so I asked her what she was smiling about. (I'm only using initials since I haven't asked permission from his mom to post his name on here).

"W said I'm his girlfriend!"

*gasp* "You're his girlfriend?!"

"Yup, cuz he said so!"

"Boys have cooties, did you know that?!"

"W doesn't have cooties, only other boys."

Oh boy....we're in trouble now! The cootie tactic doesn't what do I do?! So I called in Chris (I'm getting a total kick out of this whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing....) so she could tell him this too. So she does and he says, is he your boyfriend? And she says yes, and he asks if another girl is her friend and she says yes, so he says, so you have boy friends and girl friends (with a big smile on his face...he's so proud when he can confuse the kids in this gets them thinking and, in my opinion, makes them WAY too smart for their own THIS is where they get their thinking skills!!!!!).

So, yes, my daughter has a boyfriend at school. Wonder how long they will be "in love", as she puts it. LOL kids are way too cute!

(oh, and after they ate their ice cream, they started in on their brownies that are a few days old and Terra freaks out saying there's some thing WRONG with her's too dry and that means it's hard so she can't eat it!!! the world is ENDING, I'm SO sure!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Big" Kid

Tyler had his 2-yr check-up yesterday and I can't really say we were really all that shocked, but for lack of a better word.....we were shocked! We knew he was a big boy, we just didn't realize just how big he really was. His "stats" are as follows:

Weight: 36.6 lbs (100%)
Height: 37 inches (98%)
Head Circ.: 19 inches (50 %)

And, for the record, 50% is "normal" range....

Yes, he's rather "large in stature". But that's alright. He also got a shot and when they poked him, he just grunted and glared at the nurses, but he didn't cry and has been happy ever since! The doctor that examined him (was in training), however, didn't like the fact that Tyler doesn't speak much. That worried him, so he went out and grabbed one of the main doctors in the practice and brought her in and had her look at him and she wasn't all that worried. She just said to work with him more. So, there we have it. Large, quiet and happy! I like them that way!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Fishing....

And, no, it's not the kind you're all picturing where someone is lazily sitting beside the river, with a fishing pole, catching his dinner for the! This kind of fishing involves dragging dogs out of swimming pools!

A couple weeks ago, I had to fish Jetta out of the neighbor's pool, and then later Chris fished the neighbor's dog out of there as well. So, they gated it off and thought that solved the problem. Not so! On Saturday, we were eating breakfast and we hear a banging at the back door. It was Karen, my neighbor. She told us that her hubby had just fished Shadow out of the pool and it seemed like she'd been in there for a while because she was rather hypothermic and couldn't move very well. We got her inside and in a warm shower to heat her back up and then made a bed in the bathroom for her to lay on. Poor Jetta wouldn't leave her side. She's actually the one that alerted the neighbors that something was up. She seemed panicked and was on the deck of the pool and wouldn't leave. So they figured, two dogs that are generally inseparable....this can't be good. They went up to the pool and found Shadow clinging to the ladder for dear life. Anyway, we tried to put Jetta outside so Shadow could rest, but Jetta wouldn't have it at ALL! She laid down by mama and just sat there, licking her every so often. We finally got Shadow up that afternoon and moving around. She was so sore, it hurt me to watch her move. So, I had to go in to the feed store and grab more chicken feed anyway, so I stopped by the vet clinic in town and they gave me some hints and tips of what we could do for her and if she didn't improve to bring her in immediately. They also gave me some pain meds for the poor thing. I also saw some glucosomine sitting there, and since Shadow has atheritis anyway, I just grabbed that too. Between the pain meds and the vitamin, she is doing FABULOUS now. Within a few hours we could see a HUGE difference in how she was moving. She's running around and playing with Jetta now and, all in all, couldn't be better. The pain meds are long since gone and she's still keeping up with Jetta (as much as an out-of-shape dog CAN anyway). So, a BIG thank-you to the Strasburg Vet Clinic for all their help and a VERY BIG thank-you to our neighbors for being so attentive and helpful in this situation! We're so VERY happy this turned out the way it did and not any worse!

Happy B-day Tyler

Yesterday was Tyler's 2nd birthday! He's getting so big ( have NO idea). I just can't believe it. We didn't really have a party since he doesn't quite know the difference, but I did make a cake and Chris went and got him a couple of presents for him to open, and yes, we did sing Happy Birthday to him. Here's a couple videos and pics of it all.

He wouldn't blow out the candles and kept saying "HOT! HOT!"

He LOVED that hammer toy, it made noises...he also got a remote control car. He wouldn't put the hammer down to operate it though, so he just drags it around the house with him...LOL!

(*quick note* - Terra picked out Tyler's cake and frosting, INSISTING that he'd LOVE the pink color! LOL, don't think he really cared as long as he got to eat some of it, lol!!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Girl

I was tagged in facebook for this next one....and then I saw it on another blog I view.....and then I decided to jump on the band-wagon.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? When I See An Elephant Fly (from Dumbo)

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? There Is A Hill (sung by my sister and friends)

WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? You Raise Me Up (From The Heart)

HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Chances Are (Bob Seger)

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? I Don't Know (Celine Dion)

WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? We Are Free (From The Heart)

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Beauty And The Beast (Beauty And The Beast Soundtrack)


WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? I Wonder (Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack)

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? My Own Home (Jungle Book Soundtrack)

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Falling Into You (Celine Dion) - My computer is loving her and Disney today, I guess

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Amy Grant)

WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? Leaving Port (Titanic Soundtrack) - this is just instrumental words

WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? There's a Hole In My Bucket (kids songs)

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? To Make You Feel My Love (Hope Floats - Trisha Yearwood)

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? Sparkling Diamonds (Moulin Rouge - Caroline O'Conner)

WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW? Although I Dropped $100,000 In The Market, I found A Million Dollars In Your Smile (Wonderful World Of Disney)

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? Nature Boy (Moulin Rouge - David Bowie)

WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS? Happy Girl (Martina McBride)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mighty-Mighty Mouse Hunter

Our cats are doing a great job at keeping the mouse population down, but there was this one mouse that kept evading capture. So we decided to put some Trix cereal bits on a sticky pad and put it under our bathroom vanity to see if we could catch it. Wouldn't ya know worked! So, we showed the cats. BamBam didn't seem all that interested....afterall, it wasn't moving around too much. But then we showed it to Ariel and she just about attacked Chris's hand that was holding the sticky pad! She wanted that mouse SO badly that she was trying to tear it off the pad! We had to seperate them quickly and take the trash out to get her to calm down some. LOL

The Things Kids Say...

We went to visit Chris at the shop today...the kids love "helping" him there. He said he had some cash left from his perdium from his recent trip, so he sent to to "happy donalds" to get some things from the dollar menu for them to all munch on (I wasn't all that hungry). So, I got some cheeseburgers and fries and brought them back. I started tearing the burgers in half for the kids and handing them out and suddenly James pipes up, "Now all the girls are gonna come and eat deese wiff us, mom." (think about the new Burger King commercial with the mini-whoppers....all the girls gather around him when he unwraps I find it so TERRIBLY sad that my FOUR year old son just expects this to happen whenever he unwraps a burger! That's it! From now on, all they get is chicken strips or corn dogs!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

4 Months...

Yeah, Celeste is now 4 months old....can you believe it?! Time sure flew for me! I weighed her the other day and she was between 15 and 16 lbs (the scale couldn't make up it's mind). Talk about chunker! Between her and Tyler, I'm not sure I EVER had small babies! Also, this month, James will be turning 4 and Tyler 2. This makes me feel old! Yeah, yeah, I can see all the rolling eyes now, so SHHHH!! I DON'T want to hear it! We also have the 'deep-chest-cold/cough' going on around here. Tyler and James both have it, Terra is just getting over her's and Celeste is starting to get congested in her sinuses now too and I have a porcupine in my throat and have been congested in the sinuses as well. Lucky us! So, of course, it's a 'major party' over here. Anyone want to come?

Other news in our family...yesterday we went to the temple to attend the sealing of a couple of my friends out here. It was beautiful....only damper on the day was my friend's mom passed away that morning (love ya girlie...praying for/thinking of you). As soon as we got back from there to pick up the kids from our neighbor, we got a call from Chris's family saying that my sister-in-law had been rushed into emergency surgery for an apendectomy (hope I spelled that right, if not, oh well).

After all that, we went out to check on our chickens and geese, and discovered one of the geese is laying (actually I think we discovered that just before all that happened). We went out again to check on them today and discovered that she's burying her egg(s) and smashing them as she walks out of the hutch. Yes, very smart and talented bird! We've also been noticing that the male is trying to mate with all 3 others....which struck us as odd since we were supposed to have 2 males and 2 females. So, we set to work trying to decide what we had...and I got attacked and bitten by the stupid bird I was holding (it almost became dinner). I ran after it and flapped my hands wildly in the air screeching at it...I think it might have gotten my point accross to NOT mess with me...but then again, I think it also might have gotten another message accross to my neighbors of how strange I REALLY am!

Anywho, I need to go. I have a baby who thinks she's going to waste away if I don't make her a bottle PRONTO!!!