Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This And That...

The sickies have FINALLY cleared out (mostly anyway) of our house. HOORAY! I've also been a TOTAL slacker when it comes to working out and other goals that I have for myself. Oh well.

Yesterday was James's birthday, HAPPY B-DAY BUDDY!!! (you can see him blowing out candles and his cake that he thought was really cool...yes I made it...first attempt at anything but "stars") He is now 4 years old and just is overjoyed with the fact that he's now old enough to go to school just like his big sister! Now, our only problem is convincing him that he has to wait until summer is over! We should have come up with something else to tell him other than "you can't go to school until after you're 4!" He keeps coming up to us and telling us that he's now 4 years old and he can go to school now! We have to keep telling him that after summer is over, THEN he can go....sadly, it's Spring Break this week for our school and he has it in his mind that when Terra goes back to school from THIS break, he'll be able to go too! That's gonna be a fun week. Poor kid's gonna feel jipped!
He also keeps asking how old Terra is and when we tell him that she's 5, he gets SO excited and says, HEY LOOK! 4 AND 5!!!!! (pointing to himself and Terra)

We also took him to the doctor today for his well-child check up. That was interesting. I'm not really impressed with the nurse that helped Chris out (he just took James in while I stayed home with the other 3 kiddos). First she made a big ol' stink about his immunization records and how they weren't "stamped off" on that card and how she could get in BIG trouble for signing them. Chris explained this to me over the phone and I was livid. We weren't given a card for his records at the hospital, so, when we moved out here and started going to the public health nurse, I just brought a copy of the paper from his medical records (which I SHOULD have sent with Chris today but had a total brain-cramp), and they (the public health nurses) copied them onto a card for us. We thought that was fine. Well, after making this HUGE stink about it, she finally signed it. When he got home, I realized that it was the seperate card that was for his pre-school registration...which I can just shred and get a new one, or just COPY the yellow card that I have and send that instead. They accepted that for Terra's registration!! They also took a sample from James to test because of some of his health issues (I'll just keep that part save him from embarassment) and said they'd call us with the results. After doing that, they told Chris that James was in the 75% for height and everything else was average (so he's tall and skinny....just like his daddy). Then they came in and went over the shots he would be getting today. They were like, 'since you're self-pay, these are rather expensive shots, do you still want him to get them?' Chris said yes and they came in and gave him shots. MY understanding in taking all the other kids there, it's standard procedure to give the Public Health Department's shots to self-pay patients so that they can either get them at WAY discounted or free "pricing". They said that they'd bill us later for it and we wouldn't have to take care of it today. I'm LIVID about this, and yes, they WILL be getting a call from me tomorrow (since the dr. didn't call about the analasys results this evening).

We found a camper shell for our trailer that my dad made for us for Christmas (totally random, but we're way excited about it!)!!!
Also, Tyler is getting VERY cultured. I LOVE to listen to Josh Groban while I get ready in the mornings. This morning, he came in and just stared at the CD player with a BIG smile on his face. He also tried to sing along a couple of times. LOL, way too cute!

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