Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Things Kids Say...

We went to visit Chris at the shop today...the kids love "helping" him there. He said he had some cash left from his perdium from his recent trip, so he sent to to "happy donalds" to get some things from the dollar menu for them to all munch on (I wasn't all that hungry). So, I got some cheeseburgers and fries and brought them back. I started tearing the burgers in half for the kids and handing them out and suddenly James pipes up, "Now all the girls are gonna come and eat deese wiff us, mom." (think about the new Burger King commercial with the mini-whoppers....all the girls gather around him when he unwraps I find it so TERRIBLY sad that my FOUR year old son just expects this to happen whenever he unwraps a burger! That's it! From now on, all they get is chicken strips or corn dogs!

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