Sunday, March 1, 2009

4 Months...

Yeah, Celeste is now 4 months old....can you believe it?! Time sure flew for me! I weighed her the other day and she was between 15 and 16 lbs (the scale couldn't make up it's mind). Talk about chunker! Between her and Tyler, I'm not sure I EVER had small babies! Also, this month, James will be turning 4 and Tyler 2. This makes me feel old! Yeah, yeah, I can see all the rolling eyes now, so SHHHH!! I DON'T want to hear it! We also have the 'deep-chest-cold/cough' going on around here. Tyler and James both have it, Terra is just getting over her's and Celeste is starting to get congested in her sinuses now too and I have a porcupine in my throat and have been congested in the sinuses as well. Lucky us! So, of course, it's a 'major party' over here. Anyone want to come?

Other news in our family...yesterday we went to the temple to attend the sealing of a couple of my friends out here. It was beautiful....only damper on the day was my friend's mom passed away that morning (love ya girlie...praying for/thinking of you). As soon as we got back from there to pick up the kids from our neighbor, we got a call from Chris's family saying that my sister-in-law had been rushed into emergency surgery for an apendectomy (hope I spelled that right, if not, oh well).

After all that, we went out to check on our chickens and geese, and discovered one of the geese is laying (actually I think we discovered that just before all that happened). We went out again to check on them today and discovered that she's burying her egg(s) and smashing them as she walks out of the hutch. Yes, very smart and talented bird! We've also been noticing that the male is trying to mate with all 3 others....which struck us as odd since we were supposed to have 2 males and 2 females. So, we set to work trying to decide what we had...and I got attacked and bitten by the stupid bird I was holding (it almost became dinner). I ran after it and flapped my hands wildly in the air screeching at it...I think it might have gotten my point accross to NOT mess with me...but then again, I think it also might have gotten another message accross to my neighbors of how strange I REALLY am!

Anywho, I need to go. I have a baby who thinks she's going to waste away if I don't make her a bottle PRONTO!!!

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  1. HAHA!! I can just see you running around the yard chasing a goose while flapping your arms and screeching. Funnier yet, I can just imagine myself doing it right along with you. :D