Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on Sickies...

Well, after yesterday, I'm thinking that Tyler is over the worst and can only get better from here on out. He got meds twice yesterday, and both times threw up, but kept them down long enough to absorb the majority of them. His fever is gone and he's up running around and asking for food and sippies and eating/drinking them on his own. It is SUCH a relief to see him like this. I was realy worried about him before. But I did have a scare with Celeste yesterday. She got a fever of 102.2, so I was worried that she was going to end up like TyTy, but she never did and the fever is gone today and she hasn't really been spitty either. James isn't getting any worse and Terra doesn't seem phased by any of this (thankfully).

An update on Erin....

She's out of surgery and recovering at home now. They did the endoscopy and didn't find the stones, so just went ahead and scheduled the surgery to get the gallbladder out. When they got it out, they were glad they DID get it was SO much worse than they had expected it to be. We're VERY glad that she's on the mend and wish her all the best (Love you Grandma/Mom).

Another update from the family.....

Back in my post about Celeste being 4 months I mentioned that my sister-in-law was rushed into surgery, but then I never did give an update on that. She's home and doing well, too. THe surgery went great!

We're glad that all this trauma is over and done with and hope that its a LONG time (if EVER) before the next one hits! LOL Now I must catch up on all the house stuff that got pushed aside to care and worry about all that's happened! Great fun for ME!


  1. Like you said, great fun for you! I'll clean right along with you. HAHA! YAY for the domestic goddesses...haha.

  2. :hugs: and healing vibes. We are in the same boat, I'm cleaning 10 loads of laundry today trying to catch up.