Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy B-day Tyler

Yesterday was Tyler's 2nd birthday! He's getting so big (literally....you have NO idea). I just can't believe it. We didn't really have a party since he doesn't quite know the difference, but I did make a cake and Chris went and got him a couple of presents for him to open, and yes, we did sing Happy Birthday to him. Here's a couple videos and pics of it all.

He wouldn't blow out the candles and kept saying "HOT! HOT!"

He LOVED that hammer toy, it made noises...he also got a remote control car. He wouldn't put the hammer down to operate it though, so he just drags it around the house with him...LOL!

(*quick note* - Terra picked out Tyler's cake and frosting, INSISTING that he'd LOVE the pink color! LOL, don't think he really cared as long as he got to eat some of it, lol!!)

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