Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling Pretty

We all like to feel pretty, right? I mean, who doesn't?! Well, I do feel pretty today - but I don't think it should be as hard as it was this weekend to accomplish this feat! On Friday, I had my appt and found out some things that were just depressing and I also had to do that glucose test again. YUCK! I was so bummed, and had had a rough day otherwise as well, so Chris felt sorry for me and sent me off to get a pedicure. Bless that man!

Well, I walk up to this salon and walk in and immediately get surrounded by 3 employees saying "We close! We close!" So I asked, "When do you close?" To which the response was a more insistent, "We close!" So I asked more slowly, "Ok, but when do you close?" "At 7 we close!" "Alright, when do you open tomorrow?" "NO! WE CLOSE!" They were looking at me like I was some lunatic person that really didn't grasp that concept that 'we close'! So I left and got a soda and then grabbed some things at the store on my way home.

The next day, I went back and were open, so I asked for a pedicure and was seated. I had picked my colors and knew what I wanted. The lady doing my pedicure did an awesome job and asked what color I wanted. I told her I wanted purple toenails with pink baby feet on my big toe. She smiled and nodded and got busy painting. Apparently what I wanted was interpreted as all my toes but my baby toes as being purple and my baby toes being pink. "No," I said. And again made the requested, pointing this time at where I wanted the baby feet to be painted on. "Oh, ok." She said and then got busy fixing the error. This time, she had only painted the base coat as purple and started to paint the top coat as pink. "Um, no, no, no." I again explained what I wanted and the person sitting next to me had to explain to her (in her own language) that I wanted the baby feet design on my big toes. She finally got it, and did a great job, especially since it was her first time painting baby feet! Oh, she also tried to convince me that pink feet wouldn't show up as good so we should just leave them white (she had used white to put the design on). I kept telling her that I really wanted them PINK! She finally relented. My goodness, it shouldn't be that hard having pretty feet! LOL

I got home and since Chris had taken the kids out fishing, the house was still quiet. I figured that now would be a good time to straighten my hair to complete the "pretty" look. I got everything rounded up, and got one small chunk of hair straightened and in walks all of the kids from fishing, dripping wet, dirty, and trying to crawl on my lap. I had to get them all out of my room so they wouldn't get burned by the curling irons. This still didn't help, as they wanted to hand my the brush, and my straightening cream, and they even tried to grab the irons on my dresser. Chris finally came to the rescue and got them busy with baths and chores. *sigh* And people wonder why I don't straighten my hair very often! Seriously takes too much effort with kids around and by the time they're not around (at school or in bed) I'm way to tired to do that! LOL