Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weighty Issue, according to charts and junk, I was slightly overweight before getting pregnant. Only by like 7-8 lbs, however. But just because of those measly few pounds, I'm put into the "over-weight" category. RUDE! What's even more rude is that I can only gain a maximum of 25 lbs...that's what's recommended anyway...for this pregnancy. I stepped on the scale last night, and I'd already gained 10 lbs! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! I'm not exactly showing, morning sickness has been a beast this week, and I've gained more in 5.5 weeks than you're supposed to in the first 12 weeks! Again...RUDE! Any tips or suggestions out there? I really want this to be a healthy pregnancy, really I do, but when I see stuff like this, I don't know, I just want to give up on watching the weight situation. *sigh*

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm tired of being sick already...I know it goes with the territory, but still. I'm also kinda tired of people's opinions. Really, some things should really just be kept to themselves. Another thing I'm tired of...people thinking I'm perfect and then being offended when I mess up!


Sandi is NOT perfect...please take note!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy As It May Sound

I basically have to start over from scratch with this baby! This is a thought that is keeping me awake at nights...I'm losing sleep over it! I'm starting a list of things that I'll need, so please help me with suggestions - I've forgotten what all a baby entails!

What happened to my maternity and baby stuff? Well, I gave it all away to someone in need! Everything but my car seat and a VERY select few items of clothing that held sentimental value to me. This mom got on Craigslist and told a story of her daughter being kicked out of her boyfriend's house and they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. Celeste was wearing 6-9 month clothing at the time, so I donated EVERYTHING that I had to them. Swing, Boppy Pillow, clothing, maternity clothes, name it, it went out the door! Now, before you start thinking anything, let me just say this. I knew we were going to be moving at LEAST twice more, so I didn't want to be lugging around all this stuff that wasn't used right then! I have 3 outfits in maternity wear that I can wear, but other than that, not much.

It's really making me go crazy thinking about all this stuff that I have to buy and I am constantly wondering how in the world I'm going to make it all work! I should really stop that because we've always been taken care of before. We'd pray and it'd happen through the hands of His Angels here on earth (mostly my own family...I love you guys)!! But still - when you're pregnant and hormonal, things that should be small in the worry department become HUGE issues that cause you to lose me! Ugh, I should drink something warm and go to bed and TRY to get some sleep!

Hind-Sight is 20/20...right?

So, does this mean that I shouldn't have said anything about me being pregnant? I was totally fine, not much morning sickness, only slightly tired and irrational behavior was really at a minimum! After telling everyone yesterday, today my morning sickness hasn't ebbed at all, I'm really tired and...well, we just won't go into the irrational behavior department - I'll just say that I've already started making lists of what I'll need AFTER the baby gets sad am I! Is this a sign that I shouldn't have told anyone? I'll answer that with a yes and a no! There are certain people that I'm SO excited that they know...but then there's always a small group that I almost regret them finding out! You know...the busy bodies that just HAVE to know the following:

Was this an accident?
Why wasn't I the first to know? (yes, I was seriously asked this question - by someone I hardly talk to)
Oh that's great that it was a planned one, but, I just have to ask since it seems to me like...well, I'll just ask. Was Chris in on the planning? (EXCUSE ME!?)
What about your IUD? (what about it, it was causing problems, we had it removed and then decided not to use a back-up plan because we both felt like it was time to add to the family)

All these types of questions and it's not even been 24 hours since people found out (and just for the record...I don't mind friends and family asking...I'd be telling them this info anyway, but when we don't talk and suddenly they think they're entitled to just KNOW this info...then it gets irritating)! Oh well, I suppose! I still have to say that I'm WAY happy and excited about this there!

~*We're casting votes, and since I'm not sure how to do one of those poll-thingy's - I'm just going to toss this question out there and see what shows up in the comments section! Are we having a boy or a girl? So far (at the time of this post) we have 3 toward girl and 1 toward boy...and then I'm not sure! LOL Chris, Terra and James think its a girl. Tyler chose the color blue and pointed to the picture of a baby...LOL, not sure if he's fully aware of anything, but we'll just count his vote because we don't want him to feel left out! LOL*~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It Has Begun

We've started announcing because I just can't keep it contained! Good news is meant to be shared, right?! Well, we're expecting a bundle of joy and we're due on Christmas (yes, 12/25/10 is the due date)!! Just thought I'd share...YAY!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proud Mommy Moments...

Oh how I love them!!! Today was early release day for Terra, and Chris was home for lunch, so I just went, so I wouldn't have to wake Celeste up. I was able to talk with Terra's teacher for a few minutes and she just kept telling me over and over what a joy she is in class and that she's such a sweetheart and she is doing so well in school! I smiled inwardly (and outwardly, of course) at this compliment! It really made my day. It's always so wonderful hearing this about your own children! I was so happy to hear that she's fitting in and has found her place here! All the kids ran to give her hugs goodbye as we were leaving...another proud mommy moment!

So, I got home and Chris finished his work for the day and got home in time for me to leave and go get Tyler without extra help. I was able to talk to both his teacher and one of the therapists. They complimented me on my efforts with all my kids and said they were quite impressed that I could give them all equal amounts of attention (which is something I always worry about) and then complimented me on how well Tyler was doing. He's improved so much since starting school and he's beginning to have more good days than bad! WOOHOO!! They said that all the kids are accepting him as one of their own and love playing with him and he's beginning to share more and seems to enjoy being there!

I really had to fight back tears while they were telling me this - twice in one often does that happen?! I was so excited to hear how well Tyler is doing! That's always a constant worry of mine. I know it shouldn't be, but it is! Another one...I'm so paranoid about my kids falling behind now, since we've had to go through this with Tyler. I've seen where he should be and where he is now. It's upsetting - until I look at where he was when I finally got someone to listen to my concerns! He's made such leaps and bounds in his progress and, as far as we can see, hasn't really regressed in the process! DOUBLE YAY! I'm on such an emotional high right now and really...I can't hold the tears back anymore...LOL, I'm such a baby!