Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy As It May Sound

I basically have to start over from scratch with this baby! This is a thought that is keeping me awake at nights...I'm losing sleep over it! I'm starting a list of things that I'll need, so please help me with suggestions - I've forgotten what all a baby entails!

What happened to my maternity and baby stuff? Well, I gave it all away to someone in need! Everything but my car seat and a VERY select few items of clothing that held sentimental value to me. This mom got on Craigslist and told a story of her daughter being kicked out of her boyfriend's house and they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. Celeste was wearing 6-9 month clothing at the time, so I donated EVERYTHING that I had to them. Swing, Boppy Pillow, clothing, maternity clothes, name it, it went out the door! Now, before you start thinking anything, let me just say this. I knew we were going to be moving at LEAST twice more, so I didn't want to be lugging around all this stuff that wasn't used right then! I have 3 outfits in maternity wear that I can wear, but other than that, not much.

It's really making me go crazy thinking about all this stuff that I have to buy and I am constantly wondering how in the world I'm going to make it all work! I should really stop that because we've always been taken care of before. We'd pray and it'd happen through the hands of His Angels here on earth (mostly my own family...I love you guys)!! But still - when you're pregnant and hormonal, things that should be small in the worry department become HUGE issues that cause you to lose me! Ugh, I should drink something warm and go to bed and TRY to get some sleep!


  1. I have a few maternity things you can borrow. If it's a boy, I have baby clothes you can borrow too. :)

  2. I have a fair amount of baby boy stuff that I think can be passed on... I'll double check. :o) You have a swing, I brought it back last month... It'll work out. You decide you want to go clothes shopping for you, holler - I'm always up for shopping! Other than that, let me know what you're missing, I'll keep my eyes open for stuff you need.

  3. Thanks guys, you're all totally awesome! Things are starting to fall into place enough that I'm getting some sleep again...just in time for my normal "maternity insomnia" to hit! Awesome.