Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proud Mommy Moments...

Oh how I love them!!! Today was early release day for Terra, and Chris was home for lunch, so I just went, so I wouldn't have to wake Celeste up. I was able to talk with Terra's teacher for a few minutes and she just kept telling me over and over what a joy she is in class and that she's such a sweetheart and she is doing so well in school! I smiled inwardly (and outwardly, of course) at this compliment! It really made my day. It's always so wonderful hearing this about your own children! I was so happy to hear that she's fitting in and has found her place here! All the kids ran to give her hugs goodbye as we were leaving...another proud mommy moment!

So, I got home and Chris finished his work for the day and got home in time for me to leave and go get Tyler without extra help. I was able to talk to both his teacher and one of the therapists. They complimented me on my efforts with all my kids and said they were quite impressed that I could give them all equal amounts of attention (which is something I always worry about) and then complimented me on how well Tyler was doing. He's improved so much since starting school and he's beginning to have more good days than bad! WOOHOO!! They said that all the kids are accepting him as one of their own and love playing with him and he's beginning to share more and seems to enjoy being there!

I really had to fight back tears while they were telling me this - twice in one often does that happen?! I was so excited to hear how well Tyler is doing! That's always a constant worry of mine. I know it shouldn't be, but it is! Another one...I'm so paranoid about my kids falling behind now, since we've had to go through this with Tyler. I've seen where he should be and where he is now. It's upsetting - until I look at where he was when I finally got someone to listen to my concerns! He's made such leaps and bounds in his progress and, as far as we can see, hasn't really regressed in the process! DOUBLE YAY! I'm on such an emotional high right now and really...I can't hold the tears back anymore...LOL, I'm such a baby!

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  1. That is so have such an amazing little bunch of kiddos and is a lot to do with your example and guidance as their mom. Keep up the good work!