Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forgotten or Failed?

My New Year's Resolutions haven't been.....what's the phrase.....paid much attention? I didn't think that I needed to write them down....I'd just remember them!! HA! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I don't remember things well. So, here's a list of my resolutions and a blurp about how I'm doing on them!

1 - Lose 35 lbs (baby fat plus some).
* I've lost 10 lbs, which isn't bad, but none (and I mean NONE) of my jeans are fitting me still and I STILL have that "baby pooch" up front!

2 - Exercise everyday except Sunday
* I have done terrible at this until just recently. My sister and I decided that we'd get up at 7 am every morning and exercise together (even though we live a few hundred miles away from each other). I did great that first week, the second week, it wasn't at 7 am, but I still got the workout done. Week 3 is where I'm at now and between kids being sick, me being sick and a baby that decided not to sleep through the night a few times, I'm still doing ok (gonna hit the grind-stone hard tomorrow though).

3 - Read the scriptures for personal study everyday (we already do family scriptures, but I've been lacking in the personal department over the years).
* Ummm.....I've been waiting until I have time to myself to read, and anyone that has more than two kids KNOWS that when you wait for that to happen, it never does. I have studied once a week the past 2 weeks, which is an improvement, but could be better.

4 - Start and upkeep a blog and post on both blog AND family website at LEAST once a week, if not more.
*Obviously I've been doing ok in here, but sometimes forget to copy and paste into my family's site, so, when I remember, I post an epistle length post to catch everyone up (sorry guys)!

5 - Get my house clean and maintain it...every night put away toys, shoes, coats, dishes in the dishwasher everynight and unload it in the morning so I can have a clean sink all day (dishes would just go directly into the dishwasher).
* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *Sigh* wishful thinking, I guess

6 - Meditate more so my memory and mind can be more clear.
* I need to do this still. I don't think I've done this ONCE since I thought of it at the beginning of the year!

7 - Create a new budget for the year and put some money in savings as a starter and be debt-free by Christmas.
* Budget has been created, recreated and re-vamped to fit our needs. Our minimum savings is in the bank and we're working on the debt. We probably won't be debt-free by Christmas, BUT we will be by this time next year!

8 - Start doing Once-A-Month-Cooking.
* We did this for the first time this month and let me tell you....IT HAS BEEN FABULOUS!!! I just pop something out of the freezer and throw it in the oven. It's saved my life when Chris has gone on his business trips. However, we haven't cooked it all on one day, but rather 2 Saturdays, we spent cooking most of it and we still have about a week and a half of meals left to cook, but we figured that it was a good start. We also doubled the recipes, so we have extra meals for when we need them!

9 - Eat healthier
* This could be better, but we have improved on this a bit so far.

10 - Get daily routines down for the kids to make bedtime, mornings and just over-all life a little bit easier (I'm all about simplifying).
* So far, no set routines, but the kids are getting used to what is expected of them....they don't always follow those expectations, but which one of us was ever the perfect child growing up, right?!

(I also threw in an extra couple of items, just because)

11 - Become more self-sufficient (sewing our own clothing, garden, raise chickens for the eggs, etc).
* We have the chickens (which haven't started laying yet), we have geese (which HAVE started laying), I have made one complete dress for Terra and am working on a couple other projects to be done before Easter. As for the garden, we aren't doing much with that right at the moment. We're going to be moving again in April/May, so we'll worry about that when we get settled into another place.

12 - Build our food storage back up.
* Our storage got depleted over the last couple of years due to some money issues we were going through. I'm so very glad that we had it available to us to use and I'm forever grateful to our families for helping us out with this area too! We are now in a position that we can start stocking up again! (a sub resolution that goes with this one is to cook more with wheat and learn how to use it more)

So, how's your resolution(s) doing?

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  1. Wow. I think I labeled the wrong person Super Wonder Woman! I'm very impressed with all that you've been doing! My resolution for the year (yes I only did one) was to read more know my 999 challenge. So far I've done ok, but I've let it go this last week. I needed a book break. :) Maybe I could adopt some of your resolutions. They seem to be what I need to work on too. :)