Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Fishing....

And, no, it's not the kind you're all picturing where someone is lazily sitting beside the river, with a fishing pole, catching his dinner for the night......no! This kind of fishing involves dragging dogs out of swimming pools!

A couple weeks ago, I had to fish Jetta out of the neighbor's pool, and then later Chris fished the neighbor's dog out of there as well. So, they gated it off and thought that solved the problem. Not so! On Saturday, we were eating breakfast and we hear a banging at the back door. It was Karen, my neighbor. She told us that her hubby had just fished Shadow out of the pool and it seemed like she'd been in there for a while because she was rather hypothermic and couldn't move very well. We got her inside and in a warm shower to heat her back up and then made a bed in the bathroom for her to lay on. Poor Jetta wouldn't leave her side. She's actually the one that alerted the neighbors that something was up. She seemed panicked and was on the deck of the pool and wouldn't leave. So they figured, two dogs that are generally inseparable....this can't be good. They went up to the pool and found Shadow clinging to the ladder for dear life. Anyway, we tried to put Jetta outside so Shadow could rest, but Jetta wouldn't have it at ALL! She laid down by mama and just sat there, licking her every so often. We finally got Shadow up that afternoon and moving around. She was so sore, it hurt me to watch her move. So, I had to go in to the feed store and grab more chicken feed anyway, so I stopped by the vet clinic in town and they gave me some hints and tips of what we could do for her and if she didn't improve to bring her in immediately. They also gave me some pain meds for the poor thing. I also saw some glucosomine sitting there, and since Shadow has atheritis anyway, I just grabbed that too. Between the pain meds and the vitamin, she is doing FABULOUS now. Within a few hours we could see a HUGE difference in how she was moving. She's running around and playing with Jetta now and, all in all, couldn't be better. The pain meds are long since gone and she's still keeping up with Jetta (as much as an out-of-shape dog CAN anyway). So, a BIG thank-you to the Strasburg Vet Clinic for all their help and a VERY BIG thank-you to our neighbors for being so attentive and helpful in this situation! We're so VERY happy this turned out the way it did and not any worse!

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