Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yet Another Update

Tyler is improving by leaps and bounds....he now just has the cough and if he gets too active, coughs so much he tosses something (usually mucus, still). Celeste is getting worse, starting to get raspy when she breaths deeply and coughs quite a bit. James is still coughing some but is getting a lot better and Terra isn't really sick at all. We still stayed home today from Church because we knew that there'd be some angry glanses if we'd tried to endure the whole block of time there. Oh well, we both had subs for our responsibilities anyway since we were SUPPOSED to be gone this weekend.

Since we stayed home, we decided to be REALLY big roughians and clean the house a bit. We got the kitchen most of the way done and the living room and entryway all the way done and were working on catching up on laundry when we discovered that the clothing coming out of the dryer was still a bit damp. We just kept on truckin' and eventually.....NONE of the clothing was dry.....AT ALL!!! The heating element went out on the dryer so we've been cruisin' the net trying to find another one for free or dirt cheap (since we're saving up for a deposit/1st month's rent on another place to live at the moment). We found up up in Longmont for $40 and Chris will be going out to check on it in another hour. I'm hoping it's something that'll limp us through until we get enough saved up to buy a matching one to my new washer (wishful thinking.....maybe) or just limp us through until the next heating element goes out! *Sigh* And people wonder why I'm so tired all the time! GRRRR!!!!

How's your day shaping up?

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