Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Big" Kid

Tyler had his 2-yr check-up yesterday and I can't really say we were really all that shocked, but for lack of a better word.....we were shocked! We knew he was a big boy, we just didn't realize just how big he really was. His "stats" are as follows:

Weight: 36.6 lbs (100%)
Height: 37 inches (98%)
Head Circ.: 19 inches (50 %)

And, for the record, 50% is "normal" range....

Yes, he's rather "large in stature". But that's alright. He also got a shot and when they poked him, he just grunted and glared at the nurses, but he didn't cry and has been happy ever since! The doctor that examined him (was in training), however, didn't like the fact that Tyler doesn't speak much. That worried him, so he went out and grabbed one of the main doctors in the practice and brought her in and had her look at him and she wasn't all that worried. She just said to work with him more. So, there we have it. Large, quiet and happy! I like them that way!


  1. Very nice. I hope all my children and any others of yours will be that way...large, quiet and happy. :) We can always dream, right?

  2. Of course, maybe I should say.....the "strong, silent type" LOL