Tuesday, April 7, 2009

News On The Fore-Front

Well, let's see....a lot has happened since we last "talked". The dr. finally called back the next day about James and said that the urine analisys came back normal, but he was still worried that something might be underlying so referred us to a pediatric urologist. I'm still not convinced that there's anything wrong...let me explain this. At first, *I* was the one with the concern, thus we brought it up with the dr and he ordered the urine culture to be done and wanted to follow through with the referal. We decided to get a chart for him to fill up with stickers (we've tried this before with him while potty training and it didn't work) and he's been doing fairly well with it, and if he pee's himself, a sticker gets taken away. He is completely devastated when one gets taken, so much so that he'll stay dry most of the time. So, I REALLY don't think there's anything underlying, so I'm cancelling his appt for next monday.

News on a place to live...well, I called on someplace last week and got the address so we could drive by it and decide if we wanted to request a walk-through of the place. We finally got a chance to drive into town to look at it and decided it'd be ok for a while, so called to schedule a walk-through and the lady didn't answer either of the numbers listed so I left a message for her to call me back, I'm hoping to hear back from her tomorrow. We're cutting this a bit close, yes, but we've also had a few things fall through on us, so we haven't been lazy about this like some people have commented to me.

Terra is having a rough time with school skills after her Spring Break, even though we DID work with her on that so it wouldn't be a total loss of skill...I'd hate to see what it would have been like if we'd just scrapped the whole 'homework' idea. James is getting more and more excited to start school and we've finally convinced him that it's ok to wait a little while longer to start. Tyler and Celeste are just chillin' out here at home with mommy and generally being good kids. Can I just mention here that I'm SOOOO looking forward to next school year when it's just gonna be the 3 of us here...it'll be SO quiet and nice.

Easter...I made dresses for the girls and am almost finished with them. Here's a couple pics of them...
(sorry, I didn't edit these before posting...just turn your monitor sideways :o) )

The adventures of BamBam...our cat decided to jump on the Penske truck that Kat and Ryan had to get their stuff out of my basement so that it'd make it easier on us to finish packing and moving our stuff from one place to another. Well, he had a nice LONG ride to Ogden, UT from Denver, CO. He'll be coming back out here with Chris's other brother who is coming out for a visit this weekend. Poor kitty!! LOL I can't imagine that the back of that truck was very comfortable to ride in....hot and muggy!

I also went to the chiropractor because I was in a lot of pain....actually Chris just scheduled an appt for me and came home and told me...."YOU'RE GOING!!" They took some X-rays and the diagnosys isn't that great, but could be worse, I suppose. About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with a back condition called spondalolysthesis (sp?)....this is where one of the vertibate in the lower back slips forward and the rest of the back compresses on it...constantly being pulled out of alignment. It can get extremely painful (just ask my sister who had surgery on her's)! Well, when I was diagnosed, it was only at stage 1 and I was told that it wasn't anything to really worry about. I was also told that I had mild scoliosys that wouldn't even make a huge difference with anything. Well, I am now at a stage 2 (stage 4 is when they do surgery, generally speaking), and my scoliosys is getting worse, causing hip displasia. (TMI ALERT) My pubic bones, if they weren't held together by cartilage, would basically be sitting one on top of the other, that's how far displaced I am. She said (the dr) that it's a wonder that I can even make it through the day being like this. I can just tell that moving is going to be a blast this go around...*sigh* Oh well! Life goes on and we all muddle through somehow!

I just wanted to let you all know that I AM reading your blogs, facbook posts and emails, but life is rather hectic at the moment for me to actually get a chance to sit down and reply! Please know that I'm not ignoring any of you and will be getting on the ball soon enough! Hope to talk to you all soon. Love and miss you all!


  1. WOW! That's almost says it all. You poor thing! Those are way cute dresses! You're doing remarkably well, all things considered. I wish I had some of your optimism. :) I guess I kinda like to complain a little too much. :)

  2. Great job on the dresses. I don't know how you manage to find the time to do any sewing, you are such an amazing mom! What lucky kids you have. ;)