Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving...Not Much Fun

We're in the process of moving right now. The kids can't understand why we can't just pack up everything in ONE day and move it over there and be settled and have it done with. Sadly, so am I! I took some pics of the place for "before pictures". I'll have to post them with the after pics next week sometime (when things are hopefully less crazy). We got the kitchen completely painted today. Now that THAT part is out of the way, I can organize everything in there. The landlord is letting my pick the trim/wallpaper-border out so it will match my decor. I'm totally stoked about that! Even though I don't own this house, it'll still feel like "mine", if that makes sense!

We actually spent the night there last night so we could get lots done, well....Chris and I stayed up until about midnight until I started to be emotional from the pain and and "girlie homones" so we went to bed. We didn't get up and moving until almost 9 am. So much for getting lots done in our "lost time of traveling" LOL! And, I must say, that the floors...even though they may be padded well - 2 inch padding underneath plush carpets...are NOT comfy....cushy maybe, but SO not comfortable! Neither one of us slept much last night. *Sigh* We're hoping to be all moved by this next weekend so that I can spend next week cleaning this house so the next tenants (my neighbors and friends) can move in with as little hassle as possible! Pray for us to be strong. Also, pray for my family and Chris's family, there are some rough times going on behind the scenes lately! Gotta love health issues! I'll blog about those as soon as I get permission and/or answers to what's really going on.

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  1. Congrats on finding a house! Moving is not a fun task...I know! Sorry to hear there are hardships in the family. I'll say a prayer in yours and their behalf.