Friday, June 19, 2009

Excitement!!! (and a quick catch-up of our life)

I hope that by posting this, I'm not jinxing myself! No, I'm not preggo (in case you were wondering...LOL)! I get to go home to visit my family next month! I'M SO STOKED! It has been FOREVER since I've seen them (since Christmas) and that's just not acceptable in my world!!! I will be expecting streamers and confetti...wait, then I'd probably have to clean that up, so nevermind! No, really, I'm so happy and excited about this!

Life here has been just the norm...completely chaotic! I'm still unpacking boxes (I really should downsize) and chasing kids around. Celeste is pretty much mobile now, she just needs to work on perfecting that "talent". So, we're having to block off areas and...get this...I actually have to (*shhh*) CLEAN!!! LOL, totally kidding, it's good for me...really (I'm trying to be positive about this...LOL).

Today I finished sewing a couple of dresses I'd promised a lady I'd make for her girls, so that was a I'm just waiting for her phone call back to schedule a time to meet up. I actually had a moment to myself this afternoon (a rarity around here), so I was able to sit quietly and read my book. That was SOO nice!

I'm also including in this post a couple of pics.
This is what happens when you let 3 kids paint with water colors....they all wind up looking like this!!! (Tyler got the worst of it, of course, and it's worn off throughout the day)
This is what happens when it rains outside and the kids sneak out back to play. Poor Tyler (are you seeing the pattern here...the other kids are clean and innocent too) got pushed, tripped and then fell into a mud puddle. The other kids tried to help him up, but they had muddy hands too, so it just got more mud on him. He laughed at this, so they laughed at this and did it more. Then they realized that they just might get in trouble for this, so they tried to wipe him off, just causing the problem to get worse!

We've also discovered that there were more than just the one bald spot on TyTy's head. We're hoping that the medicine (the last dose is tomorrow) helped to get rid of whatever it was, so then we won't have to take him in to the dermatologist for further examination.

Terra is being mommy's helper, but also being the tormentor of her siblings. James is going through a shy stage again. He's rather clingy, but still has bursts of laughter and joking that I love to see. I'm hoping that he'll do well once in a school setting.

Chris and I are muddling through the best we know how and most of the time are enjoying it all. Hope things are going well for you all too!

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