Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facebook vs. Blogging

Ok, so I completely suck at blogging! SORRY! I've been carried away captive into the land of Facebook and that's where a lot of my updates are given! I've thought of so many things EVERYDAY that I could blog about, and by the time bedtime hits and I finally get a minute alone at the computer, I've forgotten about every single one of those things. I seriously need to invest in a recorder that those reporters carry around ("note to about this particular mishap"). I guess I'll do my best to just update you the best I can.

She is growing like a weed and has graduated to size 18 month clothes already (and she's not quite 10 months yet). She had her 9 month check and was pretty advanced in many things. They gave me the 10 month screening chart to fill out because they couldn't find the 9 month one, and she could do everything on there except 1 thing...they said to give her a couple of weeks and she'd have it figured out. GREAT! Yet another creative child in my house! She's just shy of 22 lbs and 30 inches, so she's in the 90% in both with an average sized head! She also JUST got her 1st tooth the other day (after 3-plus LONG months of teething!). I'm hoping that teething goes a lot easier on her with the rest of them!

Oh, where to start. For a long time I've watched him and noticed little things here and there that just weren't quite right, but whenever I'd broach the subject with anyone, I'd get quips about how smart he is and there's nothing wrong, I'm just being paranoid. Well, after an incident that happened the other day, I brought it up with the Parents As Teachers rep that comes to my home every so often. She had given me some screenings to fill out a while ago for Tyler, so I sat down with Chris and filled them out. He's not quite where he needs to be and it's been decided that he needs to have occupational therapy. They'll do in-depth screenings for hearing, vision and motor/sensory skills. Anyway, the incident was...Tyler figured out how to open the back gates (which is difficult for an adult to accomplish since they're kinda rusty) and wound up out in the middle of the road. Anyone that has been to our home knows that we live on a blind corner. Some teenagers, goofing off, were speeding down our street and came around the corner, slamming on their brakes and just missing him. He just sat there throwing rocks in the middle of the road, and none of this seemed to phase him in the least. The screaching tires and the screams to get out of the way just went in one ear and out the other. That seems to be the norm with him...we could scream and holler, do everything short of cartwheels to get his attention and he'd turn and finally look at us like we were daft or something. So, I'll keep you updated on that as things unfold. In other areas, he's completely healthy and is STILL growing like a weed. He's almost surpassed James in growth. Some of the 4T clothing is getting tight on him, but we're making due!

He's started Preschool this year. Now, he loves it. The first day, he was undecided. I went in and dropped him off and, as I was leaving, he asked if he could come with me. When I told him no and that he needed to stay in school, he offered to come with me and then come back later. I again said no and that I needed to put kids down for naps. So he reluctantly agreed and put his play dough right in front of his face to hide the tears that were forming. He never did let those loose, but it still broke my heart! What a huge difference from Terra's first day (she was telling me to leave). Anyway, each day has been better, but he still asks me to come in and talk to his teacher for a minute, but by the time I leave, he doesn't really even notice anymore. He loves riding the bus home everday, so that gives him something to look forward to!

She is LOVING Kindergarten this year. It's all-day out here in this school district, so it's been really quiet. The schedule is, Chris gets up, and gets Terra ready and out the door to school, and then I get up and get everyone else ready and take James in the afternoon. She also gets to ride the bus home everyday with James and she gets so excited about that still everyday (and it's been 2 weeks). She comes home and tells me of all her friends that she's making, but when it comes to telling us about what she did in school, we have to pry that out of her. Secret combinations, I guess! LOL She's also growing like a weed, and her 6th birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. She's so excited. I'm kind of at a loss though. Not sure what to do for her b-day party. We asked her what she wanted and she just said, cake, ice cream and a pinata! Easy for me, but I wonder if she wouldn't want more than that. Something to ponder that's for sure!

He's been doing well. Dealing with frustrations from work isn't always easy, but he takes things in stride (better than I do, that's for sure). He's been trying to get his green house up and running and has finished a good majority of it. He's quite excited about that. Another thing he's excited about is one of our chickens hatched 2 eggs and both babies seem to be doing well. She's quite the fiesty momma though!!! He takes great pride in our barnyard we've got going out there. We've decided, though, that things were expanding a bit too quick, so we're having to remedy that today. Two turkeys will become dinner in the coming weeks/months. I just have to say that I'm SOOO glad that he's the one that takes care of that....ew!

I've been doing well. Some days go better than others, but that's with anyone, I suppose! I've started up a new chapter in my life. In my road to self-discovery (that I should have taken a long time ago, but alas...) I've finally decided what I want to do with my life. Idealy I'd like to become a midwife, but with the family and schedule that I have now, that wouldn't really be a realistic choice right now. So, instead, I decided to take another route at helping people. I registered for some online classes in Natural Health and Nutrition. My goal is to become a Bio-Meridian Homeopathic Practitioner. I'll get my diploma in Health and Nutrition and then take the course to become certified so I can get the equipment to start my own business. We live in a place where I could run this right out of my home. There's a room in this house that could easily be turned into an office area for me, and even has a door that leads outside, so it would be completely separated from the rest of the house. I've also started up another business that will help pay for all of this and it seems to be going well so far. I'm a PartyLite consultant. I don't have my website up and running yet, but will let you all know when it is so you can come check it out! I'm still doing my qualifying parties and stuff, so if you're interested in helping me out with that, you can visit my up-line's site and purchase things to help me put points toward my parties I've got going on.
click on "shop"
click on "look up your host"
type in "Sandi Nelson"
Click on my name and go ahead and start shopping.
All items with be shipped to me with the rest of the party order and I will get them to you ASAP. If you live out of state, I will either have to come visit or ship them to you (whichever option is available to me at that time)!

I'm also enjoying having some quiet afternoons with the kids in school. I come home, put Celeste in bed for her nap and it's just me and Tyler, and sometimes he naps too! It's a huge change going from 4 wild and crazy kids running around to 1 or 2 to make noise! I love it and do miss my kids when they're gone! Crazy thought, and one that I never thought I'd say, but I do!

We hope everyone is doing well, and hope to hear from all of you soon!

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