Monday, September 21, 2009


My little girl is SIX!!!!!!! Where did the time go? AND, Chris just turned 30. I started bugging him about turning the big 3-0, and then stopped, thinking it might be a bad thing. I asked him if it bothered him, and he said no, that he hadn't given it much thought. It was just another number to him. We then started thinking about how old we still thought of ourselves. I said I still thought of myself as 20-ish...and that, in my mind, I hadn't aged much. I then asked him how old he still thought of himself....he said 15, then laughed! This might explain some of his teasing tendencies! Goober! LOL, gotta love him, though! Anywho, back to Terra...

Her birthday bash was on Saturday afternoon. I had planned a Partylite party that morning, completely thinking that I'd be ok and could handle everything. I started falling apart a day or two before trying to accomplish everything I had planned. I got most things done, and just vowed to never look back at the ones that didn't make it to the finish line. LOL For Terra's party, I got an idea from here (scroll down to "Disney Princess") and "stole" the invitation idea from here. (Thanks guys :o)!! And, for those of you on Facebook that can't get the links to work, you'll just have to come here to my blog - site is on the info page of my profile.) After tweeking a few things to make them semi-original, the planning was underway. The princesses showed up and sat down in the "princess-ifying chair" to get make-up put on. Then, they went to the tiara table and decorated their own tiaras. I had gotten small popsicle sticks to spread the glitter glue around, but the kids got the grand idea to make their own wands out of them. So, we had tiaras and mini-wands! Then I let them run around a bit just to make sure there weren't any late-comers. I called them all into the living room and the games began. We played "Pin the Kiss on the Frog Prince", "Dance Freeze" (the wicked witch from Sleeping Beauty was trying to put the whole kingdom asleep by FREEZING's on one of the sites above), "Cinderella's Glass Slipper" (again, it's on the first website above), and then we had a princess-looking pinata filled with goodies and bling jewelry. I had Tinkerbell party-favor bags for everyone, so it was a big hit all around, I think. After that, we enjoyed the cake and ice cream and then ran around for a minute to let everyone finish eating what they wanted to off their plate. Then we opened gifts and after that, we watched one of the movies she'd received, and played with the stickers and tattoos and toys that she'd gotten as well. Then the parents that hadn't stayed started trickling in to gather their little princesses and take them home. Before anyone left, however, I decided it would be fun to get a picture of all the girls in their princess attire and tiaras they had decorated. One of my friends was taking the pictures, so I'll post them on here when she has a minute to upload them and send them off to me (Thanks again, Seandra, you're AWESOME)! I hope all the kids had fun, mine sure did!

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  1. What a fun and creative birthday party! I love it! Can't wait to see all the pretty princesses!