Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm really bad at this blogging thing...really, I am! This is why it took me so long to start a blog in the first place (really boring person that I am). I enjoy reading other peoples' blogs though..and am in complete awe at how COOL they make themselves sound! Like, I just read a blog about this girl's trials in cleaning up baby spit-up and changing a nasty diaper on her first baby...and for one fraction of a second, I wished I could be as cool as her, and then thought to myself...I'm TONS cooler than that because *I* can change TWO nasty diapers AND I don't just have baby spit to clean up....I get the glorified "spit-up" of a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a soon-to-be 1 year old! So, to all you bloggers out there...KUDOS TO YOU FOR SOUNDING TOTALLY AWESOME AND COOL!

LOL, all joking aside, here's an update. I'm still waiting to hear from the therapist on Tyler...not exactly on my happy list! He's actually doing SO much better than he was when they evaluated him. He's saying things that we can actually understand. Like tonight, he said "I'n sone bukkynilk." I know what you're thinking...but really, that's huge for him (I can see you rolling your eyes and laughing, but let me translate and you'll get the picture here). "I want some bunnymilk" (which in this house is chocolate milk). For him to not only say something cohirent, but to use a FULL made my mommy-heart burst with joy! YAY! (yes, I'm a nerd)

Celeste is almost baby is growing up! She's already in 18 month clothes and I can't even believe it. When we're here at home, she looks like a normal sized baby, but when we go out anywhere and run into anyone that has a child that same age...she dwarfs them! She's picking up on the infant signing that we're trying to get Tyler to do and is so proud of herself, too. She has a princess wave and a big toothy grin the melts the heart! She's also a tease...a trate she gets from her daddy! I've been trying to get her to say mommy and her response...DADDY! She does this on purpose! I know this because I succeeded in tricking her to say mommy...she gasped and then got this impish grin and immediately said daddy and then stared at me, as if daring me to try that again. LOL, she makes me laugh.

James is doing well in school. He still is a very tender-hearted little guy, but that's what people love about him. He HAD been giving the teacher some grief out on the playground, but I think that problem got solved really quick. One day, they had a substitute teacher and they went out there to play. When they blew the whistle to go inside, James hid, like he normally did, and the kids all filed inside...teachers and staff in front of and behind them all, locking the gates on their way out, leaving James outside all by himself. He cried and cried and it really only took them about a minute to realize they were one child short. When they called to tell me, I laughed and laughed and told them that he'd probably listen to them from now on and if he ever started to be defiant again, to just use that as an example to him to remember what happened last time!

Terra is reading! They're starting to teach them some sight-words and she LOVES it! She's just thrilled to be able to read things on her own and thinks that she's just the smartest kid ever! She sits down with us each evening and reads us the sight-word book she brought home with her and is beaming from ear to ear by the time the story is finished!

We all have been in the mend this week...all except Chris. He just HAS to be different! LOL He's actually just starting to come down with what the rest of us are getting over! I guess there was more than I first thought to blog about. These updates probably bore some of you, and for that, I'm sorry! See, I lack the talent of making diaper changing seem like a COOL job that you wish you could do too! Oh well...hope this finds you well and keep smiling!!

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