Thursday, November 5, 2009

They've done it....AGAIN!

Chris and I went on a date to the temple tonight and on our way back (since the babysitter doesn't charge when it's a temple date) we stopped at Wendy's to get some shakes for everyone...sitter included! We got home and walked through the door and found E (the sitter) cleaning up flour in the kitchen. She quickly explained that they were going to make cookies and while she was searching for the baking soda, the kids dumped the flour all over the floor (sound familiar?...see almost all of the previous posts...especially the first ones of this blog)! So she decided to clean up the mess (bless her heart) and started the vacuum up. Well, that's been acting up some the last little bit, and she said she smelled something the belt or something, so she stopped. But while she was cleaning that up, the kids had gone into the pantry and opened up the wheat, flour, oats and dried beans and started making a mess in there (I have no doubt in my mind who the ring-leader was in all this). So, to distract them, she decided to get them snacks from the fridge. They decided to have apples (even though the kids knew those were off limits...they're for Terra's snack on Monday). James got a hold of the knife and cut his finger...causing E to look for the first aid kit...which I've hidden from the kids, but not well enough since they're the ones that told her where to look. But see, I know my kids well enough to know that if the apples aren't pealed, they only take a couple bites out of them and then start a food-fight-war with the remains. The chicken-scrap bucket is now full of apples and crunched up chips (they'd also gotten the chips and dip out and there is now dip on my play room floor). We decided to feed the rest of the oats (since it would be WAY too tedious a task to salvage them) to the chickens. So all the wheat and junk that was on the floor in the pantry, got mixed in the big storage bucket where the oats once resided and was set outside the back door for tomorrow's feeding frenzy.

I really feel bad for E since she felt terrible and that this was her fault. WRONG! They've done this to me NUMEROUS times (mostly when I'm largely preggo and can't chase them down...)!! I kept reassuring her and she kept I changed the subject while driving her home. Now I'm thinking that she deserves a LOT more than a small shake from Wendy's as compensation for the pain and suffering the kids put her through!! I hope they didn't scare her away like they have a couple other people (seriously...I got a phone call the next day from them asking me to never ask them to sit I LOVE YOU E!!! And just consider yourself officially initiated into the clan...okay?! *sigh* On a positive major tantrums today from Tyler, so the therapy tactics are working a bit better (?) or maybe he's just finally getting used to the change around here (?) either way...I'LL TAKE IT!

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  1. That is crazy...haha. Poor babysitter! Wow, that's amazing that they would actually call and ask you to never ask them to babysit again! As a teen I probably would have just avoided their phone calls to ask me to sit. Glad Tyler is doing good!