Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Frustrations Being Made Better By Christmas Spirit!

If you'll recall, I'd posted about my daughter being afraid to go to school all of a sudden. We thought that had been fixed and that she felt safe again. We were wrong. I had to bribe her to go to school the last two days before Christmas break began. I used the bus as leverage...she could ride the bus TO school if she would just go! On Friday, she (well, I) forgot her morning snack and realized this just as the bus was coming into view. This didn't leave me enough time to run back in and get it before the bus would get there. I promised her that it would be there for her when she got to school. When I got there the teacher questioned where Terra was and I explained that I had to bribe her to go to school and the reasoning...what was going on. Her teacher called me a liar (the NERVE!) and told me that that wasn't true, that *I* had been lied to and that there must be something else going on outside of school because she's always just fine when she gets to school. I had it out with her right there. Let's just say that teacher and I aren't exactly on good terms right now (and that she was put in her place and admitted her wrong-doing in the matter after a second chat after school)'s a good thing that there's at least 2.5 weeks until I see her next.

We haven't had much progress by way of therapy for Tyler...we've had the sickies the last two weeks in a row and might have another bout of them again this week. We'll see how everyone is feeling on Tuesday morning.

I've started doing a sale until the end of the year for PartyLite, but haven't been having much luck (not that I expected a whole lot this close to Christmas, but I was hoping for at least something)! So, I've decided to offer this "prize sale" at my sister's party out in Salt Lake City, UT the day after Christmas.

*Each buying guest that has an order totaling $40 is eligible to get an item at half price in the catalog AND having their name entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to use toward their next order on here! If you'd like to contact me for directions to get to this party or would like to make a purchase toward this party, please go to the link (to make a purchase click on "shop", click on "find your host" and then type in Nicole Keller, then click on her name and start shopping).

I'm all done (or was until this afternoon's realization of ONE more gift to buy) Christmas shopping! That is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Now Santa's elves just need to come help me wrap these last few stragglers! Christmas music just as a way of making life wonderful again...especially after a bout of stress and anxiety that's happened around here. ALSO, we might be able to leave for "home" a day earlier than first thought! YAY! We'll know more tomorrow! I'M SO STOKED FOR CHRISTMAS!

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  1. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Stupid teachers! What do they know! (haha...I'm a teacher...haha) Things will get better. I hope for your sake they get better soon (and in leaps and bounds). Love ya!