Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pity - Party Of One

Today has just been an off day. I really wish that there was a pause button on life just so I could take a breath...come up for air.

Tyler has been having a couple of down days...but, on the plus side, I can now understand some of the basic things that he's saying! That is HUGE! I find myself tearing up now with that realization (yes, I'm a boob!).

Chris threw his back out somehow (he thinks it's because of his visit with the chiropractor, that somehow she loosened things up enough for it to go, he thinks that his tight muscles before wouldn't have allowed this to happen to him). He's been taking some muscle relaxers every so often to help him sleep and by morning he feels semi-normal again, only to go to work and sit in a car for hours on end...causing the pain to come back.

Terra's been having issues with one of her teachers and a couple of bully-boys at school lately. In just a matter of a couple weeks, she no longer wants to go to school. She cries when we mention it and, even though it's her snack-day tomorrow, she still doesn't want to go...she really won't be going tomorrow because of the sickies. I'd thought that maybe she was making herself sick thinking about going back to school, but since the boys are now tossing cookies, that's been ruled out.

Celeste suffers from constipation issues, no matter what we try, she's still having problems. So, everyday, a couple times a day, I have to sit and hold her while she screams and pushes and cries until it's all over and done, and then she's happy and chatty again. Not on my fun list!

James ran out of pullups last week, so we told him he just had to stay dry and get up to go potty. The first night wasn't so great. He'd wake up screaming when he'd wet himself. We thought, well, at least he's recognizing it. It took him a day or so to finally tell me that when he peed, it got onto his arms (which are VERY sore and have open wounds from his eczema) and made them hurt really bad. This might be a morbid/mean thought on my part, but at least this might push him into training completely, faster. He's done really well most nights and has had a confidence boost...his teacher has noticed a bit of a difference at school with how he is doing.

And then there's me. Where to start...LOL! The other day, we needed to get to the post office before it closed, Chris had to drop off his van at the repair shop in town (just down the street from the PO) and he was running just a little bit late. I also had a party to do that night. He called and said he was close and to meet him there. It didn't dawn on me to just have him walk to the PO and I'd meet him there instead, so I hurried and was rushing the kids out the door. Whining ensued because shoes could not be found...I told them they didn't need them because they wouldn't be getting out of the car anyway. Finally I got everyone out to the car and as I was running, full speed, around the back side of the suburban, I glanced behind me to see what the noise was (wood falling off the pile), and ran full-force into the ball hitch! I did a flip and a twist and all sorts of graceful moves before hitting the cement floor. I thought for a few minutes that I'd broken my leg (mid-thigh). I finally managed to pull myself into the car and sobbed the whole way to the repair shop. If a cop would have been behind me, I'd have been pulled over for sure...I was driving with my left foot and could barely see the road through my tears. I got there and picked Chris up and we drove to the PO. Once there, we learned that the card machines were down and that they were hoping they'd be working again the next day. So, all this pain and agony for NOTHING! So, we got home, I got ready for the party and realized, there's NO WAY I can lift that box and walk on my leg...I could barely support myself. So, Chris came with me and dropped me off, carrying the box for me (even though his back hurt), and then came back to pick me up later. I was probably the worst consultant ever that night...I'd forgotten things at home, and couldn't stand up for long...and even had to assign someone to hand out tickets for a drawing. How's that for lame (no pun intended).

So, tonight, there I was...feeling sorry for myself (because the sickies have taken up residence in our house again...and both parents are gimpy), when I came across this blog that I'd read before about 10-11 months ago. I now find myself kicking myself for feeling so down and glum. This woman is AMAZING and strong. She is grateful for extremely small things in life (one post the first time I started reading was that she was happy that she could wipe herself again and had privacy in the bathroom the blog, you'll understand when you read it). It made me think that I should start being more grateful for the small things in my life that DON'T go completely and insanely wrong!'s my "Spectacular Sunday" post (seven things I'm grateful for).

1 - Not having a broken leg after my accident...although I'm thinking the muscle might be torn...only time will tell. I CAN WALK!

2 - Having a husband who will help me clean...even when he's in the middle of a video game (yes, he's a gaming geek) or watching a movie. He just presses pause and comes and helps me out so I'm not so overwhelmed anymore (like just now when both boys woke up crying and vomiting...yeah, that was great fun).

3 - Mt. Everdish is almost gone!

4 - That this particular sickie-stomach-bug seems to be only a 24 hour thing (we're hoping anyway)...Terra hasn't thrown up for almost 2.5 hrs now! WOOHOO!

5 - The stomach-bug hasn't hit me or Chris yet...that's always a perk and I'm hoping it skips us entirely!

6 - My house didn't burn down when Tyler was playing with fire a couple weeks ago. My mom just told me about some houses in her neighborhood that just went up in flames this evening and rumors are saying that the fire-fighters are being treated for hypothermia? I'm praying for all involved in that one...

7 - Living right across the street from the has it's perks...this morning we woke up late and were only 5-ish minutes late for church...if we'd have lived further away, we would have probably missed the first block entirely!

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