Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of THOSE days

You know the kind...where you get crapped on?! Well, today, I literally did! Celeste woke up with the squirts...and its not just slightly's the type of runny that flows EVERYWHERE and defies gravity. Every time she stepped anywhere, there was another mess to clean up. Normally, I'm fine with this...feel bad for the poor little ones, but as long as they're otherwise acting normal, I'm fine. Under today's circumstances, however, not so much. She woke up drenched in brown, and needed a shower of sorts. So I stood her in the sink and hosed her down - needless to say, she avoided me for a while afterward, constantly giving me a very sober evil-eye. She went again after I'd already started the laundry going...there was outfit #2 in the wash (yes, I just counted her jammies as an outfit, so what). So I gathered towels needing to be laundered and started load #2. At lunch time, she was in the high chair and started to scream. I thought it was because no one was paying attention to her, but no. If it not for the towel that I hadn't removed the night before, we'd have a puddle to clean up...thank goodness for laziness sometimes, right?! I got her changed, yet again, but decided I was just going to throw her in the tub for a few to let it wash off. While I was getting her ready to go into the tub, I rolled up her shirt, so as not to get poo in her hair (hind-sight says, who cares, she's going in the tub anyway, DUH) and got snagged on her chin and when it finally gave...poo splattered everywhere - including on me...and my face. Um, yeah, that wasn't really what I had been prepared for. I slowly undressed her the rest of the way, careful to not let the diaper drip anywhere (I know, it's gross, I'm sorry) and carefully put her in the tub to play. I immediately ran and cleaned myself up and changed - throwing load #3 in the wash. I washed her up when I got back (yes, bad mom moment - it was a moment of desperation I assure you) and got her dressed. When I came to the family room, Tyler was undressed clear to his diaper - he didn't take that off because he knows he'd have to use the toilet then! James also decided that he wasn't going to pause his playing to use the bathroom, so we've just had one of THOSE get the idea.

On the upside, both dogs got "fixed" today and now have to wear "the cone of shame". Its a sad but funny thing to watch them get used to, but, the vets said they were both healthy dogs (even though Shadow was a few pounds overweight). No more worries about anythign that has to do with that stuff anymore for me! WOOHOO! So, now that I've sat here typing this, I guess I should go see what the kids are up to right about now!! I'm slightly afraid!

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  1. All I can say is WOW!!! and I'm glad it wasn't me...haha. :) I know that's probably a terrible thing to say, but hopefully it made you chuckle. Would it be safe to say that things can only look up from here? :)