Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Tomorrow Is A New Day..."

"...with no mistakes in it." ~Anne of Green Gables~

I've been putting off writing this email (or blog post - wherever you're reading it) because it seems when I write it out, or say it out loud, it's so....final! We're moving - again! This time, we're not staying in our ward (our Church boundaries - for those that aren't familiar with what a "ward" is), we're moving over an hour away from the area we've called home for almost 5 years now. It's insane to think about how close I really am to uprooting and leaving what I'm familiar with. I'm trying to stay positive about it, but it's been difficult. Today, I've spent a good portion of the afternoon in tears out of frustration (also due to much reflection). Chris is gone on another business trip, packing isn't going the way its supposed to (the way I've envisioned it - but what really does, come to think of it?!), I spent time with some very dear friends today and thoroughly enjoyed that time spent, which makes my leaving even harder to deal with. Terra's having a very rough time with leaving...she's 6 and a half now, so she gets the fact that this move will put her in a different school away from her friends here. She's cried about it and has had a few issues of her own since learning of the move. She's become more clingy (also brought on by school bullies), has informed us that she WILL be picked up from school from now on because she really hates riding the bus, and sometimes before going to bed tells us she's decided to not go to school in the morning. Well, she still rides the bus, there's no option about that one, and once she's actually AT school - she's jut fine! My afternoons are filled with a LOT of packing and I rather enjoy that time without helping hands (although Tyler still thinks he can "help" me out). Our new place of residence will be in Berthoud, CO. We signed papers last week and started moving this week and will be moving throughout the month of Feb.

Terra will be starting school March 1st, but there are no openings for James in any preschools up there this late in the year. Tyler will be starting preschool around his 3rd birthday (state mandated...he'll be going on under the pretense of a child with handicap even though he's not handicapped, just delayed in some ways...he'll grow out of those). It hasn't sunk in to James that he'll not be going back to school after Feb...not until Fall that is - when he starts Kindergarten. I'm sure he'll realize what's up when both Terra and Tyler are going, but he's not. Terra will be going to half-day kindergarten but has been doing all-day and is in the top of her class academically. I'm sure she'll be ahead of some of her classmates there as well, we'll just have to keep finding ways to challenge her...I have a feeling that many many trips to the library will be in order!! Well, I'd better get going. I have to get up early to put Terra on the bus to school since Chris isn't here to take her. I hope this finds you all well and I look forward to hearing from you all to get updates on what's new in your lives!

Love to you all -


  1. And, yes, this completely makes me look like a sap! I'm just a very emotional person!

  2. You're not a sap. It's always hard to close a chapter of our lives (which is what you're doing). You'll all make it through this, and you'll probably love your new house, ward and neighborhood. I really wish I was closer so I could come help. HUGS from me! (and don't forget to take a break every now and then.) :)

  3. The thing is, you aren't just feeling those emotions for yourself--you're feeling them for your entire family. When you're on your own or even when it's just you and your significant other, moving is a little easier. You'll be fine once you settle into your new place, but it's okay to be a little emotional right now.