Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, I'm feeling more "indifferent" than "happy" about it, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few things that I'm happy about, but I'm sort of feeling down in the dumps, but not really (if that makes any sense). This is sort of going to be a random post, so bear with me.

Who ever said that "pregnancy is beautiful", I'd like to have some words with. They were probably the same one(s) that came up with the saying "the joys of parenting". Yes parenting is joyful, but it's also something that rakes one through the coals.

A couple days ago, I was so ecstatic that the bili-lights that Aralynn was on were leaving my house for good. I'm still VERY happy about that fact. However, after her 2 week check-up today, I'm not so happy anymore. She has to be under a vapor tent here at home (except for feedings and diaper changes). She got sick (the same thing that the other 4 kids had the day that I brought her home). Plugged nose, coughing and an ear infection. She's showing signs of improvement, but I was told to keep her in a humid environment (the tent) for the next few days until the doctor had seen her again. So, I went from having to leave her in bed with the bili-lights to having to leave her in bed with the humidifier "blowing on her". Not so much of an improvement, if you ask me.

Maybe I should be trying harder to look at the bright side of things:

~ She's not in the hospital.
~ She's not as lethargic anymore.
~ I'm feeling more and more better each day.
~ My mom has been here for a week and a half and has helped out so much (my sanity is still in tact because of her this week).
~ My dear, sweet husband told me I was pretty today - he was totally serious too (I love that man)!

There, I feel somewhat better, anyway.

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