Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love how, no matter how many baby toys you get a child, the real babies are still the best things ever. As are their toys.

When kids hurt their fingers, they want you to kiss all of them that are hurt. And then they don't understand why mom freaks out, or burst out laughing when they flip her off.....cuz they want me to kiss that finger better.

Why do they make clothes that "fit the average two year old" when in reality, it probably wouldn't even fit the "average one year old"?! Celeste is wearing a dress now that's a 3T in size, but it doesn't really even cover her diaper....especially when it's wet and saggie!

Why do chicken nuggets not taste good when they're on your own plate. BOTH Celeste AND Tyler absolutely hated their lunch, until I dumped each of their nuggets and grapes on the table, swapped plates, and then reloaded their food on the other plate.....then suddenly the food was divine. Weirdos! They take after their father, I'm sure....since I'm TOTALLY NORMAL!

The word "mine" triggers something in Tyler...especially when Celeste says it. He throws a fit and cries and yells back at her the very same word. These arguments are never-ending and completely pointless! Yesterday, I got Tyler off the bus and immediately put him in the car so we could take James to school. He hadn't even made it all the way into the car or sat down, for that matter, before Celeste looked at him with a look of satisfaction, evil and just pure impishness and said "mine!" with a smile spreading ever so widely across her face. For the whole 45 minutes that we were in the car (I had to run some errands too), they argued, hit, kicked, cried and egged each other on. I'm afraid I need to separate them, but not quite sure how to do this with the seating arrangements being the way they are!! There's got to be a legal way to put duct tape on their mouths and place them in straight jackets.....but only while they're in the car, of course! Celeste also will pick up her toys and let out a blood curdling scream if she even SEES Tyler enter the same room as her, she's convinced that he'll take her toys away from her....oh these two kids......

Celeste is turning into Elmira (off of Tiny you remember her?!)....except its with poor Aralynn instead of animals. Yesterday, Aralynn sneezed and Celeste ran around the house searching for a tissue, when she couldn't find one, she opened the wipe box, pulled out 2-3 wipes and proceeded to smash Aralynn's face and poke the poor baby in the eye.

I tried to do yoga with Terra to help her out with some anxiety issues she's been having....I'm not sure whether or not to be offended that she laughed at me the entire time. I still struggle with my balance after having this last baby, ok! *stop laughing, I can totally see you all through this computer screen, dang-it!* That yoga session only lasted about 10-ish minutes before I, myself collapsed on the floor laughing at Terra's peels of giggles! Kids' laughter is so contagious when they get going! I LOVE IT!

Oh, and Aralynn turned 3 months old today at 4:30 am....I wasn't awake to celebrate it however, so a later "wahoo" of celebration is all she gets from me! I can't believe it's been 3 months already! Crazy how fast time flies during this phase of their lives!

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  1. bwahahahaha...oh i did NOT laugh! but i am here to tell you that when i exercise in front of the kids....they laugh! and THEN when i start to do it not quite 100%, they tell me i am doing it wrong and i need to lift my feet up or whatever they are doing at the time!

    your kids are so stinken cute! they are so lucky to have you as their NORMAL mom! I am lucky to have you as a NORMAL sister too!

    I love you girl!