Friday, June 29, 2012

Your Plate's Full? No, I Think We Can Add To That...

We are under contract for another house again.  WOOHOO!!!  There are stresses that go along with this process though, more than the last one, but we'll survive.  I thought I was strong enough, but today has proved otherwise.  I've had a hard time keeping my composure in front of the kids and just completely lost it after Chris got home and told me about his day.  He asked about my day and sat as I blubbered through it, listening patiently, rubbing my back.  I love that man!

I redid our budget for the rest of the year to accommodate the "added stresses" of this new house.  We're gonna be living like paupers for a few months, I sure hope we can get through it all.

Aralynn had an appointment check up this morning.  She's over 20 lbs (HOORAY!!!!) and is finally out of the 10%.....she made it to just below the 15%!!  WOOT WOOT!  But......

...there's always that big "but", isn't there?!

Her soft spot is still open.  Not just a little bit.  It's not getting's WIDE open.  I can fit my index and middle fingers, side by side, up to the first knuckle.  It's been that way since birth.  If it's not closed up by her 2nd b-day, in we go to another specialist at Children's Hospital.  This poor child is going to really end up hating that place by the age of 5.  She's already got issues with doctor's offices.  She tries to hide and cries the whole time.  Not just normal "boo hoo there's stranger danger going on".  No.  Its more like "THEY'RE MURDERING ME AND YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!"  Yup.  That makes me feel awesome.  Anyway, it's not a "huge deal" but it's just "one more thing" to add to my plate right now.  I've been having a hard time coping with that, and of course, my mommy thought process is thinking the worst case scenario.  The sordid part of my though process is "I have window lickers already.  Now I'll have a helmet-wearing-window-licker to add to the bunch!"


  1. LOL!!! Picturing the last statement in my mind. he he he! Ok... seriousness taking over... That crying thing? that's called PTSD! Jaydon has it too. It WILL get better! Love you tons!

  2. You were awesome in college, and you're a awesome Mom! : )