Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ever Had One of Those Days...

...when nothing goes right? I know, never, right?! It wasn't the worst day I've had so I can't really say that, but it wasn't the best day either.

I'm very sore from the two (count them, TWO) workouts I did yesterday, and then running up and down stairs after children hasn't helped the soreness either - note to self...don't do more than ONE workout in a day.

The kids were having a very hard time getting along today for some reason, and it was really wearing on my nerves. I had a jam-packed full schedule today and their arguing was starting to interfere with it a bit (they'd stop in the middle of a parking lot and yell at each other, so we were falling behind "the schedule")!!! I told them they couldn't play any games today - that did it. The world ended right there! Oops...

After I got them calmed down, I had to hurry home and feed them lunch - but this is after getting them up and dressed and then out the door to a Relief Society function (that I couldn't stay for) and then back in the car and home again - all within the space of an hour and a half!

I tried not to feed Tyler much lunch because he eats at school, but he kept getting his own food (he's discovered how to climb, drat!). I got him a small snack and tried to appease him until it was time to go. We then dropped Terra off, and then drove up to Tyler's school and waited for the "short bus" to get there so he could go in with all of them (they don't want me to drag all the kids in to the school building or leave them in the car, so they've offered to meet me out by the buses drop-off spot to take him in. After the bus pulled up, I got Tyler out of the car, the lady ran across the parking lot, took his hand and walked him into the building...I didn't get much of a good-bye, but he seemed ok with it, I think. I drove home and realized that his weighted vest was still in the car, so I drove back up there, had two sleeping children in the car, so just ran in (yes, I'm a bad parent) - they have an outside door, so I just ran up and knocked on that door and handed it to them and ran back to my car.

I drove home, James woke up (just a power nap for him) so I decided to do something special with him so we went to A&W drive in and ordered a treat and watched a movie in the car, in our driveway until Celeste woke up. It was kind of fun!

We only had a half hour until school got out for Terra (early release day) so we played for a minute and then went and picked her up and then came home and played until it was time to go pick up Tyler from school.

We went there and sat until they released school - they were late, so it made me very glad that I have Terra going home with someone else after school on Mondays so she doesn't have to wait for forever and day for me to come get her!

OH! And while I was fixing the kids lunch, I had Terra read me the knobs on the back of the stove (she wanted to help). She read "rear" and "front" I asked her to turn on the "front" knob, so she turns something on and then leaves because "mom, this is boring". I started to smell something funny and turned to look at what was burning, and she had turned on the REAR burner...which my purse was sitting on! My purse is melted and I get to scrub my stove top this week! Lucky me! Another note to self...make sure ALL items are off the stove when kids are helping with the prep work to meal time!

I've been on the emotional side today...I'm not sure if its because Tyler is at school now or what...grrr! Stupid girlie emotions anyway!


  1. LOL! Poor Sandi! Well, the day is over, so go relax and maybe even take a bath to veg in for awhile. It greatly helps with those girlie emotions. :) Love ya!

  2. wow! we must be related somehow! i have burned almost holes in my MIL's hot pads she happened to leave here one day, and burned brown a hotpad that i crocheted, dish rags, big tub of butter, ice cream lid (i was using the old bucket for flour or sugar or something) sheesh...i think they need to make SMART stoves or something. LOL

    sorry about your purse! that that was a tasty lunch. :)

    i love you!!! ***PSST...i am not giving back the MIL hotpads!!! i hide them when she comes over. LOL

  3. Hahaha, you always make me laugh. Yummy cooked purse sounds delicious LMAO. I think my mommy always told me I could not play with the stove knobs perhaps you were sick for that lesson? I hope your week gets better for ya, maybe you got all the bad days over all up front? Love you!