Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PartyLite Cultures and Values Award

Last night I attended a PL Conference that is held monthly and got the shock of my life when they awarded me, little ol' Sandi, with this award. I was shocked, amazed, dumbfounded and deeply touched by this. Here is the Cultures and Values statement and the nomination letter that was sent in.

PartyLite Cultures and Values
We are committed to each other's success.
We believe in fairness, diversity and equal opportunities for all,
And we strive to share those opportunities with all.
We respect and trust each other, wanting for and not from each other.
We honor where we come from, we enjoy what we do,
We know who we are and we value the differences we make.
We believe in and strive for the best in and for each other and ourselves,
All we can be and dream to be, as individuals and
As a team for the betterment of our homes, our lives, our spirit and our world.

(Sandi Nelson)
This consultant joined our team less than a year ago. When she joined, she jumped in with both feet. She is always eager to help out in anyway needed. Despite the challenge of medical concerns with her toddler and raising 3 other active children, she continues to run a successful business and shows up at trainings regularly. She is eager to share ideas and quick to edify others in our team. Even though her family was faced with a surprise uprooting and relocating of their home and family, she saw beyond herself and sent out a call for help for a family whose house burned down during the Christmas holiday. She and her husband went out of their way to drive for hours to deliver all the generous donations to the family in need. She doesn't complain about her circumstances, rather finds sunshine where she gets it and works to share that sunshine with all whom she comes in contact. Her heart is turned outward and she seems always on the lookout to make a difference in someone's life whether there is benefit for her or not. I am truly honored to consider her not only a consultant on my team, but also a very good friend!

Jeanne McGhee (she is my supervisor and is the one that nominated me for this award)

Like I said before, truly touch and honored by this. While I was listening to the letter being read, I kept thinking, oh, she sounds like she's got a lot in common with me, I should go talk to her and get pointers on how to deal with crazy kids AND a toddler with health issues. By the time I realized it was me (since they don't tell you who it is until after they read the nomination letter), I was in tears, I was shocked and I could name SO many others in that room that deserved it more than myself. This doesn't mean that I'm not grateful for it, because I am. This gave me the push that I needed, I think, to get me through the end of the month (not sure why, but March has been a month that I've just been trying to survive in...not really thriving in much this month...I mean, it's not like we just moved and are still trying to get our bearings or anything!).



  1. Congratulations! That had me tearing up. :) Love you little Sis!

  2. This is AWESOME...and definetly something you very much deserve. It is fun that others see what I already knew about you. Love you tons baby sis.