Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy, Mommy, Don't Go!

Having my mom here has been WONDERFUL!! I hardly get to see her, so this visit has been just what I needed. I really could have unpacked by myself - granted it would have taken me about 2 months to do so - but just having her company here has been great for me. I keep trying to convince her that she can just stay here forever, but she doesn't seem to go for that. I think I worked her too hard this week, she's got sore muscles!

We attended our new Ward and the people here are so very friendly, I have no doubt in my mind that we'll make friends fast.

Terra's first week at school went very well, the teacher was surprised at how well she adapted. She made the comment today that it "was like she had never NOT been there with the class, she fits right in!" That was good to hear, since I was slightly worried about that.

James has been bored out of his mind and wants to do nothing but play video games, which is not flying by me! We decided to buy him his own notebook so that he could keep up on writing his ABC's and numbers, plus Ms. M. sent home a packet of things that he could work on as well.

Tyler starts school on Wednesday (the 10th). He'll be going Monday and Wednesday in the afternoons. He even gets to eat lunch with the fun for him! We'll be meeting his teacher this Monday so that we can all get better acquainted.

Celeste has been running around here like a crazy person and is now the MASTER at navigating stairs. She's become Grandma's little buddy and loves teasing her (Grandma thinks its funny and cute)!!

Chris has been busy with work this week and so it's been great to have an extra set of hands around here to make the transition for me and the kids a lot easier! We're getting schedules set into place (we won't have the hang of those for another couple weeks, I'm sure, but we're getting there) and we've already been invited over to a couple houses for dinner. Chris has already attended Elders basketball and I've been invited to join the play group that happens each week.

We're really enjoying our time here so far and hope and pray that we will find out soon what the Lord has in store for us up here and why He guided us here! We miss our friends back in Strasburg area...and while we're on that subject...a big CONGRATS to Karen and her family for their new little arrival! Can't wait to meet her!


  1. I'm so glad you guys got things all settled and taken care of! What a relief that must be! I'm working on that process here. Jeff finally moved things out of that back room so I could put my 8 foot table in there and convert it into my craft room. I've still got a ways to go before it's all the way there, but I've got the table in, my sewing machine set up and I've already sewn 2 blankets in my new craft room! YAY!!

    I'm so glad you guys will make friends so quickly. That's never an easy thing. Glad that Terra's taken to her new class so easily as well. I'll see if I can find some fun hints/tips from our kindergarten teacher for you to try with Jamers so he doesn't get quite as bored and drive you nuts... :) And I hope Celeste keeps being as cute as can be. You've got a great family!

    Love you tons!

  2. Moving is a hard thing (I think...or I could imagine) we have been in the same place for almost 11 years and I haven't ever moved with kids. But you are a great mom and you will be able to help them adjust marvelously! It is always nice to have a mom around. Too bad we all can't move back to our moms! LOL!