Friday, July 30, 2010

LolliLocks Kids Hair Salon

Terra's hair grows so fast. She just got it cut and some spots grow faster than others, so it was looking shaggy. Mom and I decided all the kids needed hair cuts before school started in a couple weeks (freaky thought...2 weeks till school)! The boys went first, and they're now ever-so-stylishly buzzed for school...YAY!! Celeste had a go at the hair cutting thing too. She now has eyes that are visible and the curls stayed after this hair cut (on Terra, they didn't when she was this age...go figure). Terra went next and we clipped here and cut there and got it to where we thought it looked good. She took a shower and went to bed. This morning, it didn't look so great. There were places that looked uneven and she still had that "shaggy" look about her. We went out to lunch (to use up some "free" coupons - neither one of us wanted to fix lunch, might as well let others wait on us too). While at lunch I told my mom about this kids salon down the road and how great they did with Terra a few years ago when she had a run-in with the scissors. We went there after lunch and they got right to work. There wasn't much that they had to cut to make it "perfect". They then styled it and sprayed it with glitter. Terra felt like a princess for a few hours. She kept asking us throughout the afternoon if the glitters were still in her hair. LOL

We decided to go grocery shopping, so I got a "clown car" and drove around the store. The kids laughed and poked fun of me...which was great for my image, but today, for the first time since I've been driving those things, I had people jumping to help me out. I had employees getting things for me, other customers grabbing this and was rather nice not getting smart-alec comments from people. I guess I should go shopping mid-day if I'm going to go at all. We got back out to the car and I had to take some pain meds. Not cool. We went to Sam's Club and then Costco, and then I made mom drive home. I started having contractions in Costco, and they didn't subside until after we got home (Costco is a good 25 minute drive from home).

After we got home, Tyler had a MAJOR melt-down. Think of an autistic child throwing a fit. This is Tyler. You can't reason with him, if anyone invades his "space" (about a 2-foot perimeter around him) he becomes violent, even if they're just trying to grab their toy that has landed near him, he doesn't like it one bit! A while after finally getting him calmed down, he came and sat by me. He started to get angry again and bit my arm. I bit him back...he got this look of total shock and surprise and couldn't figure out just WHY I had bitten him. He promptly stopped his crying and went and told on me. Nice (*rolling my eyes*).

And, apparently, when doing "science experiments", one time is NEVER enough to satisfy the imagination! I'll let you know MY experience and hopefully, your children will NEVER want to do this...

When your child unrolls the TP, and drapes it (still attached to the roll) into the toilet and does NOT keep unraveling as it's being flushed...regardless of how many times the toilet is flushed OR how much TP is in the toilet. Yup, it's been a FUN day at our house!

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