Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1 Of No Help

* Wake up to alarm (we decided to start setting the alarm to help us get used to getting up to get kids to school)
* Eat breakfast
* Talk to Chris about his schedule and what time he'll be home
* Chris got kids situated downstairs and leaves for work
* I start to think of things I need from downstairs and make a list (going downstairs is VERY painful for me to do right now)
* Tyler comes upstairs without a diaper....with poo dripping down his legs (BLAH)
* Make him sit on the toilet until I come back upstairs (remarkably he stays there), go down and clean up the floor (carpet) and throw away a couple books and a kids' chair (because I didn't think they'd be sanitary anymore)
* Grabbed a few things on the list and came back upstairs and put Tyler in the tub.
*Called Chris (near tears) and find out he's been called to a couple other stops and the truck he was supposed to load was delayed...blew a tire
* Get Tyler out of the tub and get him dressed again
* Put Celeste down for a nap
* Fix lunch for the kids
* Go downstairs for the rest of what was on my list AND a meal from the freezer and find the living room trashed...just blow it off (sort of) and go back upstairs with above said items
* Lay down and drink more fluids (contractions are starting...but not regular yet)
* Load the dishes in the sink in the empty dishwasher and grab a snack for myself
* Feed Celeste when she woke up
* Try to calm a tantrum from her because she wants "damma"
*Find a picture of my mom and hand it to her and she calms down
* Tyler comes upstairs without pants OR diaper...again poo mess is following him
* Clean up the mess and get a diaper back on him
* Cry for a few minutes (frustrated and feeling like I can't do this alone...and contractions are starting to become regular)
* Got dinner ready and tried to feed the kids...apparently I'm not a good cook and they want Grandma back (Grandma Ida, you're being requested by name)
* Send kids downstairs and tell them they can play a video game...this will FOR SURE keep them occupied for a while...until Chris gets home (I'm hoping anyway)
* Drink more and lay down to start counting the minutes between contractions (17 minutes)
* Chris got home, gave me a muscle relaxer and tylenol and took over the kids (feeding them the dinner that they refused to eat before, getting them ready for bed, cleaning up messes {laundry soap being among the many messes} and cleaning up the kitchen a bit)
* Kids come in and give me hugs and kisses and tell me they hope I feel better and am nicer tomorrow (that's a confidence booster right there...I'm SUCH a great mom)
* Meds finally are starting to kick in (1.5 hours after taking them) and contractions are spreading out (30 mins apart now)

Here's to hoping tomorrow goes better and that our new schedule will work itself out soon. I have my appt. tomorrow to discuss what was found during the ultrasound, so hopefully things are looking better, because the way I feel right sure isn't feeling like they're getting better! (sorry to vent, just had a crappy day)

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