Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Old school" drama faces, possible concussions and a lost tooth

(this was typed at 11 pm Saturday night)

Today was a pretty lazy day...for me at least. Chris was awesome - he cooked an awesome breakfast (I even got that in bed, YAY ME!!!), took Terra shopping with her tooth fairy money and she found some used roller blades with knee and elbow pads at a thrift store (she's been wearing them in the house all day today)...they look almost new too, cleaned up the kitchen some, got kids down for naps, and then took everyone fishing! I decided to brave it and go along for the ride. My back didn't hurt as bad today, and everything else was "minding its manners", so to say. I grabbed all my YW stuff so I could plan out my lesson for tomorrow and off we went.

We got there and the kids started throwing rocks in and finding sticks (James found and "old man's walking really did look like a cane and was the perfect size for him to use a such). They immediately started getting "bites" but would always reel in a twig or some such nonsense. I have a "proud" pic of this on my phone that I'll upload soon. They did end up catching a few fish, but they were tiny, so we'd have to throw them back. One particular fish was having issues adapting back into the water, so Chris was playing with it for a bit to try and "jolt" it back to its senses. I pointed that out to Celeste and told her to go look at the fish. She got this terror-filled look on her face, put the back of her hand up to her mouth and screamed "NOOOOO!" (like they did in the ol' school horror films) Yup, she's VERY girlie. Fish freak her out terribly! She cried whenever she saw anyone touching them. Chris finally tossed the fish out there a ways and went back to casting his line out. Celeste finally started exploring close to the water and tripped and fell in. She came up crying and saying "NO FISH!!! NO FISH!!!" I don't think she much cared that she was wet...she was just worried about those darn fish! LOL

We packed everyone up and decided to go to IHOP to eat dinner (we had 4 coupons for free kids meals...why not?!). Of course we stopped by home to change poor Celeste's clothes and then went and found the place. The kids had fun with their smiley face pancakes and fruit and of course the coloring pages! I HAD to save those to bring home. We just won't tell the kids where they ended up being put after they all went to bed! After we packed everyone up, we headed out the door. Terra and James were goofing off and there was a car backing one (driver included) was paying attention, so I was frantically telling those two to get back up on the sidewalk, and not paying attention to what was behind me. Suddenly, Chris calls out, "TYLER, NO, LOOK OUT!" Totally made my heart stop, but when I looked back, he was blissfully unaware of his surroundings, eating some fruit he'd grabbed off the table, and stepped just barely off the side walk and biffed it. He hit his face against the edge of the side walk, did a half turn and whent he rest of his body came to a stop....his head hit the pavement hard. He very quietly got up, bent over to get his dropped fruit, and when he looked at me, he had silent tears streaming down his poor little face, so I hugged him and then the sobs let loose. Chris picked him up and carried him to the car and asked him where he hurt. Head? No. Face? No. He stopped crying long enough to say his foot hurt, but nothing else ("no, just dat." while pointing to his foot). We got a wipe out and cleaned off his piece of fruit (this seemed to be bothering him the most...don't mess with this kid's food), and gave it back to him and the crying ceased. I'm thinking that he was just embarrassed about the fall, but it really looked (and sounded) like it hurt!!! I'm still awake right now so I can go and check on him and make sure he's still responsive (he started to fall asleep on the way home, but that could also be passed off as "end of the day drowsiness"). Yes, I'm paranoid like that! Concussions scare me. What scares me more is he hit his head hard enough to cause a bump, but there isn't one forming. He's still responsive though whenever I go to wake him up a bit.

We got home and threw everyone in the tub and then had "bunny milk" and started sending everyone off to bed. Terra came in to show us her wiggly tooth. There was a tooth growing underneath it and it was VERY loose and ready to come out. She immediately started screaming and hollering about the fact that she didn't want it to fall out yet! We sprayed her mouth with throat spray (we're out of ora-gel), gave her a cold wash cloth, and I wiggled it here, and there and finally when her eyes were closed...mid-scream...I pulled and it came out. She didn't even realize this fact until she took a breath and opened her eyes. Then she was all smiles and giggles. But then she saw blood...everything fell apart again and it started hurting all over again! A Vitamin-C (disguised as a pain med...haha, we're evil parents, I know) and another drink of bunny milk later, and she's just peachy!

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