Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

We had an ultrasound on Friday and we found out for sure that we're having a girl!!! We're very excited and are looking forward to welcoming little Aralynn Rose into the family! This weekend got even better because today, Chris was able to feel her move for the first time!! That never gets old!

The u/s tech was awesome and very thorough! She couldn't technically tell us if things looked good or's against the law, so we have to wait to talk to the midwife about things this next Friday. She did say that she knew I wouldn't "nark" on her so she said that there was ONE picture that she couldn't get a clear image of and if we had to come back, that would be the only reason because everything was good and clear - and normal. It was wonderful to know that to her knowledge things looked good, but when I asked her about the SCH and whether it was still there or not, she said that she couldn't say anything, mainly because she didn't have my previous ultrasounds there to compare to. We did discover that Aralynn is still breach, which is odd for my children, because they've always been head down from the very beginning, but there is still lots of time for her to turn and is NOT abnormal when you look at the average pregnancy. Aralynn is also VERY low in the pelvis area, so she's literally sitting on my cervix and has her legs tucked under her kicking and wiggling would, I imagine, cause a lot of that pain that I've been feeling.

As for the u/s pics, you'll just have to wait till I can actually go downstairs and scan them in...that might take a while! Sorry about that!

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