Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jousting with WHAT?!

Every couple of months, I go shopping for some pregnancy tests when they're on sale just so I can have them here for an.....uh...emergency purpose! *blushes*  I oh-so-carefully hide them in the back of the bathroom cabinet in a little cubby space that's there and I used to think it was quite the perfect spot to hide them from eyes that I don't want to see them.  Well, I learned today that my hidey spot isn't so great after all.  I came upstairs from doing some laundry switch-a-roos and what did my wondering eyes behold?! was my beloved children...jousting with opened from the package, still capped (thank goodness), unused pregnancy tests!  Oh yes, they did!  So I confiscated them back (that took quite a bit of wrestling tactics on my part) and went to go put them back...only to discover the rest of them were opened and in a sink full of water.  Apparently its fun watching that dye line move across the window.  Who knew?!  So, I have the two that were used as jousting weapons left in my hand...they're not wet, so still usable...I hoped anyway.  I opened the caps on them and....see color marks on them.  They'd found a spot on the wall that had "artistic-ness" still present and "colored" with the tip of the test...cuz, I mean, it looks like a marker tip, right?!  Is it bedtime yet?!

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