Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Medical Updates

As I posted before, there were some health issues going on. I haven't received permission to include names, so I'm going to keep things as anonymous as possible.

Chris's sister is recovering well after having brain surgery. There were some masses that they found and removed a couple weeks ago. After testing, they were found to be non-cancerous! HOORAY for that!

My sister's hubby was (and still is, somewhat) having some health issues. They are starting to regulate (last I heard...). There were some pretty extensive testing done and there was a scare about the possiblity of needing a replacement organ, but that since passed by after further testing was done.

My grandma (as some of you read before) fell and broke her knee cap (among other things). Surgery was done this afternoon and the doctor was confident in the pre-surgery appointment yesterday that she'd be able to walk after surgery...no more wheel chairs!!! This made everyone very happy and the surgery was scheduled. Last update I got (about a half hour ago), Grams is out of surgery and doing well. Everything went great and they're expecting to get her walking by this evening!! Isn't medical technology amazing?!

Tyler has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon for a culture on his bald spot. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that he had a bald spot on the top of his head (right about where his soft spot had been). I asked the pediatrician about it at Celeste's appointment on friday (she's doing well) and, because he'd been double booked that hour, he couldn't take an in-depth look at it, but just at glancing at it (with his magnifying instrument), there weren't any bites, so no bugs, but he was worried about a bacteria or fungus, so asked that I schedule an appt. to have a further look and testing done. So, I got the phone numbers for their labs that they use and spent this morning calling around to them to find out just how much the culture would cost. I spent 45 mins on the phone with the first one getting the run-around. I finally lost it and yelled at the receptionist to stop trying to be the dr and tell me what I was needing (after I had been told by the dr what culture we needed to ask about) and to just give me the price on the stupid culture! (yes, it was harsh but after a while of arguing, and lack of sleep...anyone would be a bit grouchy) She put me on hold and a few seconds later, got back on with the price I needed and extra fees that went along with their office. I thanked her and got off the phone. After cooling off a bit, I called the second lab and was on the phone for all of about 15 mins (most of that was getting through the automated system...gotta love it). After that, I called and set the appointment in stone and told them which lab we chose to go with.

Celeste, as I mentioned before, had her well-child check on Friday. She weighs in at almost 18 pounds and is 27 inches long. She's pretty short and stout compared to our other kids...except Tyler on the weight...lol. She got her shots, which she was NOT happy about, and we left after a closer look at her hips (Tyler fell on her a couple days before that and one of them "felt different" so a second opinion was given by one of the other dr's there). Later that night, she was uncomfortable from the shots that were given and the irritation caused by the rotation of her hips by the doctors. THEN, she started in on teething the next day. So, it's been a rough weekend for her...poor thing!

Terra and James are doing great as well. Terra is almost done with school (next Tuesday) and has loved this past school year. James is SO looking forward to next year, he can hardly contain it! The sickies have finally left (crossing our fingers and knocking on wood) and we couldn't be happier because next weekend is the Nelson Family Reunion and its something we look forward to each year. We would have hated to have gone with sick kids or missed altogether!

We hope this finds you all well and we love you and miss you all! Somedays it really kinda stinks living so far away from you all! Hope to see you all soon!

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  1. YAY for the Nelson Clan! That's a lot of goings on. I'm glad you're all pulling through everything and that you're all still alive. :) That's good in my book. Keep smiling! You're amazingly awesome!