Saturday, May 30, 2009

New car...

For the last couple of months, Chris and I have been humming and hawing over whether or not we should go trade in our van for another vehicle that is a bit larger and still meets our needs. The fact that it'd be less and about the same loan term would lower the payments as well...which is a plus! Well, we looked online, and drove around and just kinda/sorta looked at dealerships, and today, Chris calls me from one dealership that we'd been scopin' out online and says, "they just got done detailing that red suburban we were looking at, want to come test drive it?" So I said 'why not' and loaded up the kids and drove in. I really liked it and it was within our price range, so we set to work filling out paperwork, well, we hit a couple of bumps in the road, but finally got it to work out. It's a shorter loan term, thus the payments are about the same as we're paying now, and the trade-in value of our van is less than what we owe on it, so they wouldn't do that. BUT, they said they'd refer a couple of people that were looking for a van that had come in to look at one, PLUS we're going to place it up for sale in the paper and online. They said (and we've seen in our research online) that vans are the hot-topic out here right now and our's has a clean bill of health (so says the mechanics and the dealership). We have a plan "B" if it doesn't sell right away, not something we really want to do, but are willing to do if we need to. But, YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I HAVE A NEW TOY! I'll post pics's after midnight right now and I need some sleep!

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