Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stinky visitors...

Last night, we heard the neighbor dogs barking like crazy. We couldn't figure out what it was they were barking at, and so we stood out on the back porch wondering what it could be and we suddenly got a whiff of what they could have been barking at. We looked around the corner of the house...nothing, and then we glanced back at the dog pen and here comes Jetta boundin' away from the side of their pen and she starts rolling around in the grass...not so unusual for her...but then Shadow started sniffing around where she had rolled and trying to roll in it herself. Chris walked, very cautiously, might I add, up to the pen, takes a whiff and comes back and says, yup, she got it! We're guessing that the skunk was after our chickens, but because Jetta was so curious, it startled it and made it go away, so all our animals are accounted for. We're hoping that the "visitor" doesn't come back, but we're also going to ask the Fish and Game guy at church if we could borrow a live trap because, the thought also crossed our mind that this could be the very same skunk that hangs out at the church house across the street, causing a nasty aroma to inhabit the building!

On another note...totally not related...Chris took me out on a date this evening for Mother's Day. Can I just say that Carrabba's Italian Grill comes close to upstaging Olive Garden...they pretty much tie in my book! YUMM-O! AND!!! Since it was our first time at the restaurant, we got free dessert! We didn't even know about that rule either. We order an appetizer and drinks, then our main course and we just decided, for the fun of it, to order dessert. The manager on duty brought it out to us and thanked us for coming in and asked if we enjoyed our meal, he wished me a happy Mother's Day and said he just thought he'd take care of the dessert and come over and personally thank us for coming in. I thought that meant that he'd pay for dessert, but Chris assured me that it was just a kind gesture and that he'd take care of the dessert by bringing it over to us. I was right...when the bill came to the table...COMPLIMENTARY DESSERT!!!! And, might I add, it was the most sinful chocolate brownie-like cake EVER! WOW! Chris then took me clothes shopping. Since I'm not dropping the baby weight as fast as I normally do, I have no jeans that fit me - the two pairs that I *did* have either got paint stains on them or ripped right up the middle of my rear...poor quality jeans, in my opinion...couldn't be the fact that my bum is still too big for them or anything...!!! I got two pairs of jeans, a set of yoga capri's to work out in, a shirt that looks marvelous (Chris picked it out...otherwise I would never have even thought about trying it on) and a couple of nice bras! YAY!

My kids also gave me a Mother's Day gift....they went out in my front yard and picked all my pinkish-purple tulips out of my garden and brought them in for me...they're now sitting on my counter in some water...they actually do look really pretty! I love Mother's Day!


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