Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glass of Water, Crust of Bread

You know those mornings when you wake up dreamily, sigh contentedly and think...."aaaaahhhh, Saturday, how I've missed you." And then you hear the kids talking about school that day and you realize..."IT'S THURSDAY!!!!!! WE'RE LATE!" It's been one of those mornings around here.

Last night, I had every intention of going to sleep as soon as I went to bed. Chris asked if I wanted to watch a movie, so I said yes, why not. After the movie, we stayed up and talked. I LOVE those nights with Chris. We make extravagant plans that will never happen because they're just plain ridiculous to start with. We talk about the kids, our worries about them, they're best assets, funny stories. We talk about our serious future plans and how people will react to them, then we fall asleep in each others arms. Sounds pretty awesome, right?! Well, it is.

My husband has a habit of either turning off the alarm after the first beep and going back to sleep, or forgetting to turn the alarm off on weekends and keep hitting the snooze button. This morning, he just kept hitting the snooze button, so you see the dilemma at the beginning of this post. Well, as we were rushing about trying to get kids ready for school, I kept offering breakfast items to my kids to eat.

"Cream of wheat?!"
"Well, you have to eat something, what do you want?!"
Two slices of bread.

Really?! Bread?! Ok, so they grabbed their two slices and headed out the door (since it was something they could eat on the go). I can just imagine what their teachers thought when they walked in eating bread.

"This is what my mom gave me for breakfast." (holding up the remaining crust)
"....." O.O

Yes, I just give my kids a glass of water and a crust of bread for breakfast, because I'm SUPER mean like that! *nods* (the sad thing is, I've had teachers call for clarification on what exactly it is I DO when the kids say some things....awesome)

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