Friday, April 20, 2012

"Yeah, You Stink"

I remembered at 1 am that Celeste had a dental appointment at 9:30 this morning. O.O I had no idea where her insurance card was, nor had I filled out the pre-registration paperwork they needed (which is 4 pages long). I also rolled my ankle as I was getting kids out of the car yesterday, so it wasn't like I could just jump up and run around looking for this stuff. I decided to just get up early this morning to do it. The alarm went off at 7 am, I hit snooze...twice. Finally I decided I probably better drag my sorry bum out of bed and accomplish what needed to be done. I found everything relatively easily and got all the paperwork filled out. I got Chris and the kids out the door to school and appointments (he takes the kids to the dentist so I don't have to, bless his heart). I got Aralynn busy eating her breakfast and Tyler busy with a video game, just so I could have some peace and quiet in the shower. I let him know where I was going to be.

"Tyler, I'm going to go shower. Tyler?"
"What? Oh, yeah mom, you stink and need a baff."
o.O "Ok then."

I didn't think it was THAT bad! C'mon, I just showered yesterday! *sigh* Kids!

Most people know that we're looking for a house. What most people DON'T know is we've found one. We put an offer in and they accepted. This is a very long drawn out process because there were some things in the house that needed fixing before the loan would be approved. They accepted the responsibility of fixing them and we set a closing date of 60 days after they had fixed them and gave them 30 days to do so. That was almost 2 weeks ago. We got word they had accomplished a few of these things last night. We also had some tragic news from our broker that there was, yet another, issue on Chris's report that was there one week, but gone the next. Because it was there and there is paper documentation of it, we're having to scramble to fix it...even though there isn't really anything there to fix...or we'll have to submit the 30-day fix-it paperwork to the credit agencies and wait...and lose the house in the process. I'm beginning to really wonder if we're looking in the right place...or if this IS the right place and the Lord is just testing us. Either way...I can't say I'm all that happy about it. But, I do know this is all in the Lord's hands! Patience is not my best virtue, that's for sure! LOL

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