Monday, April 23, 2012

Not What I Expected

Today was Aralynn's follow up appointment. We had high hopes that this would be the very last one that we'd have to have at the Children's Hospital Denver with her. I was nervous about it, like I always am for these types of appointments. I helped Chris pack this morning to go on his business trip up to Wisconsin and through Kansas. I never like it when he has to leave, but it's part of the job, I suppose.

I got the other kids ready after he and the older two left for school and work and then we just kind of lounged around the house until it was time to drop Tyler off at school. I then went and got lunch for Celeste and took her to Miss Lori's house and told her that the doctor usually ran late, since he is one of the best orthopedic surgeons and he also usually has students from the University following him around and he has to teach them. The drive down was nice and quiet since Aralynn slept a good portion of the way down there.

I found a parking spot and went to get A out of the car and realized she'd dropped her bottle beside her and left it...the nipple was pointing down so, naturally, her clothes were soaked and since I'm SUCH a great mom...and am TOTALLY on top of things, I didn't pack an extra set of clothing for her. "Well, she'll just have to air dry and let's hope the Dr doesn't pick her up" :/

We got checked in and the called us back pretty quickly, and got us in our room, then to the X-ray room. She had a bit of trouble holding still for the tech, so I had to be the "tech" and just have them tell me how to hold her hand and where to put the tongue depressor stick. X-rays were taken and we were guided back to our room to play until Dr. Scott came by. After a while, he knocked on the door, introduced me to his student and then sat right down beside the bed and put the copies of the x-rays down and covered part of her thumb up.

"The joint up here is lined up perfectly, it's the best we could have hoped for! Great job!"
*rotating his thumb slightly to show me the other joint*
"This joint is great too. Lines up perfectly. We weren't really worried about that one, but it still looks great."
*taking his thumb off the picture and pointing*
"This is a problem. She's got a bone deformity that we didn't catch before, but her bones were too small to really see it and since she's grown a bit since we saw her last, it's showing up more. She'll need another surgery, I'm 99% sure of that and I'd like it to be done before she enters school, but it could be before that. I'd like to see you again in 1 year. This will give her time to grow more and we can see if this part *points to the picture* is either not growing or just growing slower than this side *points to the other side of the picture*."

I asked about her mobility between now and then and if it would effect it greatly or if she'd just adapt until it was fixed. He said that she'd be fine, but if it wasn't growing (which he thinks is the case) that the deformity in her thumb would just get worse and would render her thumb pretty much useless.

This was NOT the news I had expected or wanted to hear. At. All. The perk was that he told me to throw away the braces we'd been using because it's not the joints we have to worry about anymore and that they (the braces) wouldn't help a bone deformity in the least.

I held it together until after I got off the phone with Chris. I called my mom and she didn't answer but I fell apart while leaving a message. I called my mother-in-law and cried to her for a bit and then started home. I called one of my sisters and cried to her, then my mom called me back and I started it all over again. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a blubbering boob.

I got back and picked the kids up from the sitter and came home and got them all situated. I fell apart again...trying to hide it from the kids. I fixed dinner and Terra came running in "MOM! I left my home folder at has all my homework in it!" I explained that she was going to have to stay in from recess again and that she'd just have to work extra hard tomorrow to get it all done in time to turn it in.

When I called everyone to the table, Tyler was being hesitant and hiding. He'd messed himself and was throwing a tantrum when I tried to clean him off. Into the shower he went...he could do it himself then.

I came to sit down and hide the tears again and heard a commotion in the living room, then a scream, some pounding and the older two kids yelling at Celeste to open the door from the inside. James had grabbed her and pushed her into the closet and closed the door, and the handle fell off. Apparently she wasn't minding him about something he'd told her to do, so he was going to punish her. Not sure where he learned that punishment from since we've never done that to them! He got sent to bed...without finishing his dinner. I rescued Celeste and had everyone sit at the table to finish dinner. Tyler was still cleaning up, so I got him out of the shower and sent him to go get dressed. He came up claiming he had no clean clothes. This is false because the majority of the laundry got done AND folded this weekend, thanks to the help of my mother-in-law! I told him to go look again. He came back up, flustered and frustrated and wanted to look in my room...there weren't ANY baskets of clothes awaiting folding there. I went downstairs and asked James where the clothes were that he had put away...he'd dumped them out and divided them between under the beds and in the closet....not in the drawers like he was supposed to do.

I finally found a shirt for Tyler to wear and sent him upstairs to eat. By this time, the other kids were done with their dinner and had left the table. James was told to put all the clothes away unless they which case they needed to go to the laundry room. This will be interesting to see what he accomplishes. I can already hear he's not doing what he's supposed to do. Terra also just came up to inform me that Celeste let one of the kittens out of her room and she can't find it. The back door is open, but kitty is scared of dogs, so...I highly doubt it got too far. I need to go help her find it, I suppose. Is it bedtime yet?!

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