Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"He Did It On Purpose..."

This was a phrase I thought that I would NEVER hear from my kids...but I was proved wrong today by my own daughter! I had some leftover candy (in ziploc baggies) from the party I helped with today in her class at school that I gave to the kids after they helped me put away lunch. They were doing just fine, sitting and playing while eating out of their little treasure bags. I suddenly hear Terra start crying about something, so I go to investigate. I see her bent over he bag, picking up all her candy from off the floor, sniffling and crying and mumbling to herself (she practices how she's going to tell on someone before she actually comes in and tells me about it). So, I asked her what happened and she stands up, points to James and yells, "HE DID IT ON PURPOSE! HE DUMPED MY BAG OUT, THAT'S WHAT HE DID, MOM!" I offered sympathy and told James if he did it again, he'd lose the candy forever (he learned his lesson with the least for the time being, anyway). I had to leave the room and hide my face in a pillow because I started laughing. I thought that I was in the clear when it came to phrases like that, but I guess not!

Another phrase that I just LOVE is, "Well, I'm sure it's SOMEWHERE, mom." (when they've misplaced something....usually something of mine) I'm sure it makes perfect sense to them in their little minds...trying to sound all grown up about it. LOL

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  1. LOL!!! I have to say that is SOOOOOOOO funny that she practices!