Thursday, February 12, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference

Here is her "report card". Her teacher said she's doing well and we can start with identifying letter sounds with her here at home (since she's doing so well there). She can count to 40 without help, and can identify all but 3 numbers between 1 and 20. We're very proud of her progress thus far in Pre-School and hope that she continues to love school as much as she does now!!

4 - Exceeds skill/concept
3 - Independently and consistently demonstrates
2 - Developing Skill/Concept
1 - Not yet demonstrating
X - Not evaluated at the time

(bold is category, italics is teacher's notes, reg text is description of category)

Self-Reliance Skills - 3 - Takes care of personal belongings
Practical Skills - 2/3 - *Does not know her birthday* - Know Birthday (month and day), Identifies 10 colors, Names 6 body parts
Social/Emotional Skills - 3 - Expresses feelings and needs, Interacts positively with other children
Work Habits - 3 - Waits his/her turn and shares 50% of the time, Can concentrate quietly on a task for 5 minutes, Listens and follows directions
Speaking Skills - 3
Motor Skills - 3 - Stands on one foot for 5 seconds, Walks down steps alternating feet, Cuts on a straight line, Appropriately uses glue and paste, Can string beads, Manipulates buttons
Reading Readiness - *Developing the concept of rhyming, Identifies 46 upper and lower case letters* - Demonstrates an awareness of environmental print (restroom sign, stop sign, etc), Can say simple rhymes (cat, hat, sat), Can do one to one correspondence as they say the alphabet, Can identify 20 (upper and/or lower case letters)
Math Readiness - 3/4 - *Rote counts to 40, Developing skill of making comparisons (same different)* - Makes comparisons of objcts (opposites, same, and different), Recognizes a simple pattern, Recognizes position of object, Rote count to 15, Can identify numerals 1 to 7.
Writing Skills - 3 - Prints first name, Draw simple picture stories

Individual Learning Plan
1 - Strong in letter recognition
2 - Strong number sense
3 - Good shape and color recognition
1 - Answering a question
2 - Understanding the concept of rhyming.
3 - Making comparisons (same & different)
1 - Read Terra a story, ask her to recall what happened, Draw a picture story - what happened?
2 - Read books such as Mother Goose, Dr. Seuss, find the rhyming words
3 - Compare her dolls, teddy bears, etc, compare stories

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