Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Day

After a long day of helping with chores and stuff (chasing chickens, playing in the get the idea), Tyler was pretty dirty, so we told him to lay down so we could change him and then we'd get his bath water ready. This video will show you how tired this little boy really was. He laid down and by the time I got back from his room with a diaper, he was already asleep! So, I tried tickling him to wake him up and we figured that when we put him in the tub, he'd wake up and play.....not so! I was vacuuming and happened to glance in to check on him cuz he was being rather quiet...this is what I found! LOL


  1. HAHA!! Poor little guy! How cute though!

  2. That is soo silly! And so cute! I'm glad you got to record it!