Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Mine!" And Other Random Things From This Week

I got a delivery yesterday from from someone who reads my blog (you are on my awesome list forever and ever for this, thanks so much), thanking me for making them my goal to make people laugh has been accomplished, I'd say! Everyone has been drooling over these strawberries (2 dozen gourmet chocolate covered strawberries). Of course I shared (one for each person and the rest for me lol, just kidding). Whenever I grab one to eat, the kids swarm around me and wait for a chocolate bit to fall to my lap and they grab it up as fast as they can (they were doing this this morning, after they'd eaten their's might I add). I laughed so hard at this because it reminded me of Finding Nemo...where the seagulls are fighting over food..."mine....mine......mine...."!
Making twinkies was a success and it went over VERY well at the pre-school party yesterday (yes, I home-made twinkies). The kids LOVED decorating and filling them and taking them home to show off to their parents.

I'm sitting here, loving the silence that is in my house at the moment. The kids are quietly laying on the couch watching a movie (they were being so good, I let them pick ONE movie out of the boxes in here, to watch during their semi-quiet-time). This gives me the chance to check emails and just veg. for a me time to think about my week so far.

Relaxing for me isn't going to last very long I sit here, thinking about what to type, I look at the time and then look outside and realize 2 things...I have to get things done before Terra's Parent-Teacher-Conference at 3:30 (like make bread sticks to feed the teachers this afternoon), and I MUST go outside and catch the empty boxes that are flying away from my basement door (it's pretty windy today)!! I'll give an update on Terra when we get back later this afternoon!

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