Sunday, February 8, 2009


You guys will NEVER (and I really mean it when I say NEVER), guess just what the perfect thing to place on a mouse trap to make it most effective...(you'll laugh when I finally tell you....but I'll wait, just to make this suspenseful).

Living out here in the country, we get frequent "visitors" from the fields, which I hate terribly!! Our cats are earning their keep very well though, so I'm not going to complain (very loud). Someone that I know that used to live in this house told me that they only had 2 mice every winter season actually show up in this house and their cats would corner them in the bathroom and then her hubby would catch it and throw it outside. I'm sorry, but I don't do the catch and release program....they just come right back in!!! I don't even do the catch and relocate sir! Them showing up in my "space" is a crime that is very much punishable by DEATH (be it by trap or by cat...doesn't matter, they just MUST die).

Well, the other day, Celeste was having a problem and I went into the bathroom to look at my monestat cream to see if it was safe to put it on her (never did find out OR put it on her) and I got distracted by something. I bumped a new (well, not so much new, it's a few months old, but I got it around the time Celeste was born for reasons we just won't go into here) box of suppositories. It fell out of the cupboard and was completely empty. Underneath that box and one other box, there was a bunch of mouse dropping and aluminum shavings. I dug a little deeper and discovered the rest of the aluminum wrappings....all of which were empty....completely void of any contents! I couldn't help but crack up laughing thinking that we MUST have VERY regular mice running around here. They had eaten the whole box.

So, the next time you need to catch a "killer mouse" in your house, make sure you get suppositories and place them in the traps. I hear it's a delicacy in "Mouse Land"!!
(LOL, sorry, I couldn't help but take a pic of the incriminating evidence!)

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  1. Go, Mice Goooooooo!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! At least you can see that they worked! haha