Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moments Like This...

...Is what makes life so memorable!

This week, Terra is learning about caring for her teeth. They've taught them how to brush them properly, and even had a dental person come in and teach them some to floss and she gave them each of them a tooth brush and tooth paste (which, normally, gets hidden in my house, especially with my kids' past track records at making messes). Well, Terra didn't mention that she got the tooth paste, only the tooth brush and floss/picker. Yesterday afternoon, the kids were finger painting, and you'll never guess what they were using?! Where was I? Laying miserably on the couch (and for those of you who don't like female issues or have weak stomachs, skip to the next paragraph) while "auntie flow" came a visitin' bringing with her...cramps from He**.....and when they get that bad, I get sick to my stomach and can't keep much down.

James came running by me, stopped, and ran back to his room. I smelled something odd in the air as he ran past the second time. I sat up and thought, that smells oddly familier! So I went to investigate. I found the cats...their fur matted down with something and they're trying to clean themselves off and not really enjoying the flavor they're licking off themselves. Then I round the corner into the boys' room, and the kids had used the toothpaste that Terra got from school to finger paint the bed, the dressers, the floor, the cats and TYLER!

The paste and ALL their toothbrushes (floss/pick thingy included) got confiscated and are being held hostage by the ever-so-mean-mommy that lives here! They must ask and be supervised when they brush their teeth for the next week!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your kids crack me up! I love reading my friends' mommy-blogs because they always post the funniest things their kids do.