Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fire Drills and Church

I made it through an hour of church today (well, more like an hour and a half or so). We had a fire alarm go off just as we were starting to sing the closing hymn, so we evacuated and sat outside on the grass until the Fire Department and Fire Marshall came to shut off the alarm and give us the ok to go back inside. The alarm freaked Terra out so badly, she was almost hyperventilating, poor thing! We got her calmed down and were eventually let back inside to finish up Sacrament Meeting - we sang the closing hymn and had a closing prayer and were told that we had enough socializing outside and to please get to our classrooms so we could get back on schedule. Chris took Terra and James to Primary and came back to help me with the younger two. I decided I needed to go home (I was cramping up and just needed to rest), so we decided to keep Tyler and Celeste out of Nursery because they're both coughing and have runny noses. We have a little guy in our Ward that has Down's Syndrome and can't get sick or he'll be in the hospital for weeks, so we decided it was best to keep them out. Right now, they're running around the house and watching some cartoons, Chris is getting ready to go back to church for the remaining hour and I'm just sitting here...hoping that the pain goes away (and eating Cherries...YUMMY)! I'm feeling slightly frustrated that I couldn't even make it through all of church today, but feel grateful that I was able to go for at least an hour (and a half). I was swarmed by everyone, given hugs and well wishes, more offers of help and just felt very loved today. That part was very nice - I love it here!

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  1. Hey, look at the bright side! You actually made it to church and sat through at least 1/3 of it! How cool are you? That actually IS a big deal. Glad you got to go.